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  • I recently switched the callout on my blog page from the_excerpt to the_content and I am having trouble with modifying it. Here is the blog for reference:

    The problem here is that I am using various plugins which all do their own specific function. I am using a plugin with a shortcode which the_excerpt didn’t parse hence the switch to the_content. I had to put an image into the post content because we are posting to facebook with the plugin “Facebook Like Thumbnail” and it wasn’t retrieving the featured image. Now we have duplicate images. Is there a way to use the_content and somehow get it to not display the image? Or, in other words, how do I get the_content to only read part of a post?

    Or better yet, how do I get the plugin to read the featured image? This is the image that currently is displayed if no image is inserted into the post which is just a picture of the homepage.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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  • I’m not fully understanding your problem.

    Your blog home page show a list of posts. And now each post shows both the thumbnail (a big one) and the actual image again as part of the_excerpt (or the_content)… which you obviously don’t want. Not understanding what a ‘facebook like thumbnail plugin’ has to do with this.

    thanks for the response peter. the way the blog page is currently set up, there is a featured image (large) and the actual image in the post. The problem is the duplication of the picture. The plugin is being used to show the proper image on facebook because it doesn’t grab the featured image. If it is possible to simplify the whole process, then that is ideal, but as i see it there are 2 ways to address this.
    1) figure out a way to exclude content retrieved by the_content
    2) fix the facebook like thumbnail plugin to grab the featured image so that I don’t have to post a featured image and the same image in the post.
    Hope this clarifies the situation a little bit.

    The plugin grabs the featured image when it finds one, or else fallbacks on other medium like it is explained on the plugin options page. Are you saying that the plugin doesn’t pick up your featured image even when they are set? Do you see them on your post edit screen?

    Post back with links and screenshots please.

    P.S. I am the plugin author

    Great! Yes, I am saying that the plugin doesn’t pick up the featured image. The plugin has never grabbed the featured images. If you see this link, you can see that it just posts a static image of our homepage.

    Here is the facebook page that we are posting to. It doesn’t look like many are showing that don’t have images anymore. Facebook being selective.

    Thanks for your help! Let me know what other kinds of screenshots you need.

    Can’t access your FB page.
    Post the link to your WordPress post directly and screenshot of the edit screen of that post in which I can see it has a featured thumbnail metabox filled with an image.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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