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  • I upgraded to WP 2.2.1 and now category order behavior has changed when using the_category function.

    Example: I have a 2 main categories: Movies (ID 1) and (ID 2) Books and 2 subcategories for both of them. When the_category was called, it used to show:
    Movies > Thrillers

    And now, with the same function since the upgrade, I get:
    Thrillers > Movies

    It doesn’t mean anything anymore. Since I have many categories, I don’t wanna rename them all and give them new IDs. So is there a way to make the_category behavior come back to what it was before the upgrade?

    And BTW, why did the_category function change???
    Thx a lot for your help, I’m prolly not the only one having this problem.

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  • Would this plugin give you the control you want?

    WordPress Plugin – My Category Order

    Thx for your warning on your previous post tsguitar 😉

    This plugin seems to do the trick but I don’t understand why this function (the_category) doesn’t work the way it worked before the upgrade. And being forced to install yet another plugin as a solution to this problem kinda bother me. Plus, I checked on Codex and there is no parameter to add to the function to modify its behavior.

    To be more specific, here is an example using the_category:
    And the result is:
    This post is in: WordPress, Computers, Blogging

    Calling the_category, on my site it gives:
    Blogging, Computers, WordPress

    I didn’t modify anything, I only upgraded to 2.2.1.
    I’m looking for a definitive solution not a plugin, please if anyone can help me out, I’m stucked.

    Sorry to play semantics, but it sounds like you’re looking for an explanation, not a solution. You have a solution: use a plugin. You don’t like that solution and want to know why it isn’t working normally. Now you want an explanation.

    I don’t use 2.2.1, so I can’t help you. I’m glad that plugin works, though. Good luck.

    I have the same problem.
    the_category() isnt working fine.

    Urgent is a very very bug of wordpress.
    I make a new install in localhost and I use the funcion whith subcats and works fine. but in cats show de cat and one subcat

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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