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  • hey guys i accidentally put backed up files on my wordpress site from the wrong back up now i cannot log in as it is redirecting me to the site which i had made back ups for any idea on to clear the new site of back ups i just installed?

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  • Could you describe the process you used to put the wrong files in?

    Do you have a backup of the right site? And what format is that backup in?

    i had used a plugin to back it up. i had restored the plug in and then must have restored the back ups that i made with the plugin for the old site. and now it wont let me log in.

    i can get to the log in page and enter my credentials but then it fails and points me to the old website, also when i enter the new website its just coming up blanks.

    the website i backed it up too is brand new so there wasn’t anything on this just the original wordpress site ready for me to use.

    could i just drop all the files from my SQL as they are showing all the new files which i had put on by mistake and upload a blank wordpress file?

    If the backup your plugin provided is a database backup, then you could drop all the files from your SQL and import the correct backup files instead. (I’m sort of unclear on your answer about whether you have the RIGHT backup that you want to restore.)

    Here are the details: Restoring Your Database from Backup

    If there was no content to begin with anyway, you could just drop the files and reinstall, but you would lose your initial settings, if that matters.

    ok i managed to restore it how it was before. but while we are on the subject of restoring back up, can i restore just the contents of a back up from a previous

    Hi robthemiller, what is it that you want to try to do?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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