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  • Okay. I’ve looked through a lot of the topics already here on how to use WP as a CMS, and a lot of it makes sense and blah blah blah.

    One thing I’m not finding, however, and it may be due to my lack of understanding the vocabulary, is how to have content pull up on the Index/Home/Main page in multiple areas.

    Meaning, on one page – there are multlple boxes for different things – Like a box for Publishers, a box for Advertisers, a box with information about a product, etc.

    I could put this content in either a PAGE or a POST, but I don’t know for the life of me how I would get that information to display on the home page, where I want it to and have had no luck finding the tags to help me with this.

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  • Here’s how i’m handling it – so if I’m being stupid, please, for the love of jesus christo, help me 😀

    I’ve created a category for each of the ‘sections’ that I want to pull content from, then i’m just telling word press to pull the most recent post in that section.

    This way, if the person in charge of content wants to change it, they’d just update, the most recent would show up, and if they ever wanted to get back to old content, they could 🙂

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