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  • this thing sucks… the markup it outputs is full of errors… i.e. availableLanguage should be one of English, ENG, en, en-US, while your Language Object is not loaded, and the app adds a link instead of a language name, and the same happens for all second degree (or lower) children, so either you fix this in your App, or stop selling it. I bet people giving good reviews have no idea what a markup should be. I even watched your videos, and even there you get a markup with errors, and give it as good, but without showing a result from Google SD Testing Tool (or other tools). Please stop intoxicating the internet with junk (talking about SD with errors)! Fix that App, or take it out of the market, please!

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  • Plugin Author vberkel


    Wow, sorry to hear about your bad experience. Typically users looking to specify availableLanguage use a URL such as or

    In respect to second degree children, that’s a complicated situation that is handled in a couple way for Schema App. First, we work in a knowledge graph, in that your data items should also have webpages on your site where they’re described. In that case, the second degree item’s data is shown when you extract data from that page. If you do not have a webpage for your second, third, fourth, etc you use a #itemid as the @id for that data item. In this, second appraoch, you can define as many data items as you want using the base url and appending a hashtag identifier. Example:

    This would extract all those data items, including their second degree children.

    Lastly, the third option, while we provide extracts by default for the root resource for its data and its connected items (second degree), we also do overrides for class types and its inherited subtypes as it makes sense. These overrides are designed according to the needs for that data type when it requires third degree data.

    Option 2 and 3 work together, automatically.

    I assume you didn’t consider using a Wikidata URL, did not know about option 2 and didn’t inform us of an issue so that in option 3 I could have helped you in your use case. If you would like to revisit this, let me know which data item you’re working on and you’re expected output.

    Lastly, this is a moving target, v3.2 is coming out any day now, Google’s recommendations and testing tool validation changes every couple weeks. Our tools, therefore, also change quickly and videos made a couple months ago can be out of date because Schema App and Google change. For that, I apologize.


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