• Paid member through GoDaddy. Sucuri managed to screw up the DNS and LOCKED it, so that now my blog is completely out of the air. Cannot get a support person for the life of me. The phone refers to the life chat, but you can’t login to that.

    I have had nothing but issues with this piece of garbage software!!!

    Site down, slow loading, horrible!!! customer support.

    Stay far away from this garbage

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  • For example with this plugin:

    1. Enter the API key for the WAF (Firewall), and it hardens (locks) various directories such as wp-content. However nowhere to turn the hardening off, unless you delete the API key(?).
    2. Speaking of the API key, entering the API key multiple times it would not save it
    3. The customer support tickets when you hit reply it goes to a generic GoDaddy page. I stumbled across the ticket system by accident days later. Been on this for more than 3 days or so. In the meantime the blog now has a 502 screen, and it can take up to 24/72 hours before there is even a response!
    4. Speaking of a response when they answered they did so for the wrong blog, said they changed some settings, for a blog that wasn’t even installed. Then considered the ticket closed, and I had to re-open it.
    5. The plugin interface and Sucuri interface on Godaddy don’t match, different options, that no clue which effects which or has precedent
    6. I couldn’t delete the firewall, if I did it would reinstate itself, on it’s own, causing havoc. Their response: change the DNS, which they from what I understood they have locked.
    7. I canceled my sucuri membership and switched hosting plans with the same hoster (who I have positive experience with for years), however they still have my DNS locked and as such my site is giving a 502 error, and no support in sight, or any way to reach them. They don’t respond to live chat, their phone system refers to their ticket system. Their ticket system is unreachable.

    The only malware on my site is Sucuri!

    This service isn’t cheap, by a long shot. Save your money and go somewhere else. I have.

    I have usually positive experience with GoDaddy, but this subdivision is a pain in the rear and best avoided at this time.

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    Thankfully after talking to GoDaddy support in Scottsdale they tore the Sucuri lock IP address out of the DNS, and restored the hosting server IP address from what I understood LOL

    Thx GoDaddy support, getting it done again, 2 thumbs up 😀

    Hello @design_dolphin,

    I sincerely apology for all the problems you had.

    The plugin interface and Sucuri interface on Godaddy don’t match, different options, that no clue which effects which or has precedent

    I think this is one of the main problems we have right now with the WordPress plugin. While Sucuri is part of GoDaddy, projects like the Sucuri Firewall, GoDaddy hosting dashboard, and the Sucuri WordPress plugin have no connection to each other, or the connection is minimal.

    Some people are very confused about this, and I understand why. If both companies are technically the same, why are the projects different, right? Unfortunately, once you dig into the technical details of each project, you come to understand why are they so different.

    I hope I can make the differentiation less painful in the future.

    Thank you for your feedback.

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