• The worst you can expect from a plugin developer is to suddenly start charging for a free plugin. I’m fine paying for extra functionalities, but if you started offering a plugin for free, the least you can do is to keep your word. Note that there’s a much better, more popular option out there…

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    It’s not that we charge for a free plugin.
    Actually, you can download it, updated, maintained and supported actively up and until the end of 2018.

    After, it’ll be deprecated and only the paid version will be receiving continued development.
    We announced that a while ago here:

    We are sorry to disappoint you, but we are sure you will, as you state, find valid alternatives in the WordPress Ecosystem of Plugins, which provide similar features for free or paid.

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    You discontinue a free plugin and then offer the same functionalities as a paid plugin, which is exactly the same thing as charging for a free plugin. Switching to another plugin is time consuming and non-trivial, and you count on this to make money off your captive audience. These are awful business practices.
    Only one of my clients is victim of your scam (a previous developer had installed your plugin. I always use your competitor which is a better and more popular option). I’m lowering my rate to help her switch, just to make sure she doesn’t give you her money.

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    We did not discontinue a free plugin and made it paid at the same features.

    We announced to stop active development and support for the free plugin we make, which we offered for free for some years.

    We reasoned that we do this in order to add new features, which can now since the Plugin (in the paid version) will receive more financial support, be done with much more effort and time investment.

    There are several major new features in the paid version of Toolset Types.
    Have a look at the most interesting and outstanding:

    Since you already use other solutions, I think it’s not required for you.

    Thank you for your point of view about the move from a free to a paid software.

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