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    First of all I would like to thank the wordpress creators for such a wonderful platform.
    It is obvious to everyone now that wordpress has become the undoubted number 1 CMS.

    Acknowledging that, I truly wonder about something which I consider a big disadvantage. And that is the WordPress loading speed. Sorry to say this but – for me- it has become a nightmare.

    Now I have noticed this slowness on all of my WordPress based sites.
    For some of them, the problem is solved by using cashing plugins. But I have a big site with thousands of users and posts. I have been struggling with its speed for a while now. I have implemented all possible measures to boost its speed. I have installed the best cashing plugins. Also, I have even used Cloudflare on that site.

    The speed improved a little bit. But still the loading request sometimes takes ages! And it is so whether in the front end or in the admin dashboard.

    Thus I wonder: Why is it the many other scripts like vBulletin for instance have now problems in loading speed, even if they are filled with dozens of plugins, while WordPress starts having problems as soon as you install just few plugins?!

    I’m really honest in that question because I truly love wordpress and would not like to use any alternative.

    And I’m asking for any other ways to improve the loading speed, other than using plugins like w3-total-cache and the like.

    Thanks in advance

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    Speed issues in the front-end may not be due to WordPress, the core application. Can you link a specific example of this?

    I suggest checking your budget for room to upgrade to a better hosting server. This increased my speed time tremendously…

    I thought it was a hosting issue too at first for me,I had the same problem for a while, it would take too long to load then i would get a internal server error, how i fixed this and speed up the site was to delete some plugins not used as well as check my folder system and removed lingering folders/files I no longer had, then after making sure all images were web size appropriate I disabled my caching plugin and saw a noticeably difference. On other WP sites I either used WPSuper cache or W3chache and they worked GREAT however for this last one I installed them both one at a time and they made the site lag load forever and crash! Frustrated, I disabled and deleted the one i had installed last witch was w3 to finish re-set the permalink structure so that it resets the .htaccess file additionally if you use w3 you may need to remove a file or two that is still in the folder system and when i did that’s when i saw a huge difference in speed, loading times, and now my site works GREAT! Ironic isn’t it?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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