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  • Hi Lisa!

    Are you looking on your page where all the posts are listed or just in one single post?
    Our pluging shows related posts only in one single post.

    For example, they aren’t shown here:
    but they are shown inside a post:

    Homeschooling Made Simple – Lauren from “Tutus and Tea Parties” Shares

    I am also having this problem. I am new to wordpress and am trying to get all of my plug-ins etc set up before adding a lot of post so I only have two post at the moment, but I have them saved under the same category and tags so I would think they would be related? I also have my wordpress set up to only show one post per page, but nothing is happening at all. Did I do something wrong when installing? Actually I can’t get any of the related posts plug-ins to work. I tried several different kinds and also changed my theme thinking something in the theme was interfering to no avail.
    Please help?

    Hi Jennifer!

    Have you changed any other settings like “Auto insert Related Posts”? Could we possible see your website so we can check what could be wrong?


    I do have that box checked. My website is
    Thanks so much!


    I checked it out and it’s showing one related post (of the two you have on your site), so it seems to be working well from my side!


    That is so weird, it is not showing that for me at all even when I log out and go to my website as a non-admin person… and I just checked on a different computer and it is not showing it there either or on my phone.

    Over the weekend I checked on several different computers and none of them are showing the related posts, any other suggestions on how I can fix this? It seems to be doing this with all of the “related posts” plug-ins (I tried a few others).

    Hey Jennifer!

    Sorry for not getting back to you anytime earlier! A nauseous flu has infected some of us in the office in the last couple of days and some of the work inevitably suffered — including support. Terrible, I know, but not intentionally!

    As for your inquiry — seems like you don’t have our plugin installed (anymore?), but rather the one from YARPP. We’d love to help you out, but I’m afraid this plugin is out of our reach.

    Mind installing it again so we can have a closer look? We’d love to help you out in any possible way! Let us know!

    Take care & have a nice day!


    Hi! Sorry to hear about an office bug…no fun! I have the related post plug-in installed again (YARP is the only one I can find that works on my site and it doesn’t do just what I want it to…). Does this related post plug-in choose the first image in the post to feature as the thumbnail?


    Our plugin (WordPress Related Posts) chooses either the first image in the blogpost for the thumbnail, or the image you set up as featured, before actually posting the blogpost.

    Let me know when you install our plugin, would love to see how it looks like! 🙂


    It is already installed.

    Hm, they don’t seem to show up on your blog. :/ Are you sure you have activated the plugin as well?

    Just do double check — this is your blog, right? —


    That’s right. And I do have it activated. I also have the “Auto Insert Related Posts” box checked and have set a default image for the posts without images. I thought at first that the problem was related to my theme (I am using Vortex 0.2) but I tried changing my theme and it still didn’t work. Could there be another plug-in that I have activated causing this problem? I have tried lots of other similar related posts plug-ins and none of them work.

    This is weird, I agree with that! 🙁

    Would you please be so kind and send me the list of all your plugins that you have installed? Also, try to disable all of them (except ours) and see if this changes anything. If it does, slowly, one by one, activate the rest. This will hopefully give us some insight of where the problem might be.

    If it does not, I would really appreciate it if you could send me your admin credentials so we can have a closer look, if this is OK with you. Here’s my email address:

    Let me know how it goes and if the above mentioned option is OK with you.

    Deactivating my other plug-ins didn’t seem to work. I sent you an email with all of the information you should need (I hope).

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