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  • I have just consulted with a famous company that deals with wordpress and database because my DB is oversized. They found this problem:
    “AALB stands for Amazon Affiliates Link Builder. Each entry takes up around 0.1mb. (Each entry relates to a link in one of your posts) Even though 0.1mb sounds small, you have roughly 7500 of these entries/links in your database. So 0.1 x 6000 = 600mb.! Reduce the number of links/entries on your site. (This would be likely be a very tedious manual process).
    Contact the plugin developer and ask them to see if they can find a way to optimize their content in the database.”
    Before I uninstall everything and delete every single link by hand, do you have a solution?

    P.S. Furthermore the plugin consumes a lot of CPU resources.

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  • Is it possibile to know what are they referring to as “entry”?

    Ok maybe in the wp_options table, with names “aalb_update_table_batch_%”

    I have no idea what they serve to, I inspected one and it takes about ~100kb being an array of 400 items, each item an array of 10 asins and a marketplace code, eg: IT

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    It’s incredible! My DB has become very small, it has gone from 680MB to 22MB. I deleted all the Amazon Build codes and deleted the plugin! I installed a new plugin, I put all the codes back into 700 articles and the DB is left over 22MB! I’m sorry, your plugin is very nice but it causes some space problems and some CPU consumption issues.


    I removed AMAZON plugin, and installed it again, and the DB lost 400MB on the 440MB of my DB. It’s insane ! It’s sur AALB transcient, it’s a real problem :/ !

    I am having the same problem. Thousands of lines in the wp-options table. I sure hope that this gets fixed!

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    Hi all

    is it fixed ?
    Sounds like no support here 🙁

    What is the best alternative of this plugin ?



    I had to clean up again my database with that commande :

    DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE (‘%aalb_update_table_batch%’)

    Carrefull with the command.

    Erasing Transcient helps too.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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