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  • fusiongt


    I’ve recent launched a new site using WordPress. It is my first time using WordPress; my previous sites weren’t very dynamic or used a different CMS. I would love to hear some feedback on it:

    After creating this site with WordPress I’m very pleased with it and I’ll definitely be using it again. It’s such a great tool and is so powerful it did everything I wanted with little-to-no-fuss. I had to learn all of the wordpress jargon (or is it called codex?) but after that it was pretty easy. I love the community of wordpress as well… so many of the support topics helped me and I don’t even want to get started on the sheer amount of themes and plugins available 🙂

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  • Root


    I really like it. A lot of original thinking and nicely implemented.



    Great site, nice usable design, plus it’s about games!



    Well done. I have zero interest in gaming but yours isn’t the same black theme with blinky dodads of all the others. The Onion News style of articles kept me interested longer than the usual .5 seconds…. funny.

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