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    I have been having a very strange problem with my Word press site over the past couple of weeks. When I wake up in the morning and begin working on the site through my admin dashboard everything I do seems to be going fine, but after a couple of hours it will suddenly stop loading a page and go to an error message that says:

    The connection to was interrupted.
    Check your Internet connection
    Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems, or other network devices you may be using.
    Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
    If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.
    If you use a proxy server…
    Check your proxy settings or contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working. If you don’t believe you should be using a proxy server: Go to the Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings… > Change proxy settings… > LAN Settings and deselect “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

    The error message makes me think it is a internet connection error or some issue with my ISP so I have tried multiple different internet connections as well as proxy servers and still encounter the problem. So I am sort of ruling that out, it is also not an internet browser or firewall issue on my desktop because I have encountered the problem on multiple different devices.

    I talked to my hosting service and they don’t see anything wrong from their end, in fact every time I email them about it, by the time they respond the site is up and working again. The error seems to happen when I am dealing with media files from within my admin dashboard. I’m not sure if that is really the issue or just a coincidence.

    I recently moved my website to a new domain name within the same host, and I did encounter some problems with that, but I thought I got everything worked out. Has anyone seen this before? If it’s not a connection issue, not a host issue, not a device/browser issue I don’t know what it could be! Is it a wordpress issue? Or maybe is my domain name having issues?

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  • The Hazardous House Wife


    Sorry I forgot to post a link, as of right now I do not have access to my site or my wp-admin because I just tried to upload a picture and it shut down. But it will probably come back in an hour or so. Here is the link:

    It does sound like your hosts are having problems. Try contacting them about it and be sure to include dates & times when the site was down.

    The Hazardous House Wife


    Esmi, thank you for your help. I have contacted my host multiple times, to no avail. If it was a hosting problem would they be able to see it on their end? When I transferred my website from the different domain I had an issue with the pictures they were appearing in the posts but they weren’t appearing in the media gallery in my dashboard. Every time I have gotten this error message it has happened while I was trying to re-upload those pictures into the media gallery. Could this be associated with it at all? I’m really at a loss of what this could be since my host is telling me that it is not on their end.

    If it was a hosting problem would they be able to see it on their end?

    In theory, yes – via their own logs. That’s why dates & times are helpful. It narrows down the search they have to do at their end.

    Could this be associated with it at all?

    Possibly. Try checking your own site’s error logs for messages. Your hosts should be able to help you accessing your site’s error logs.

    The Hazardous House Wife


    Thank you for your advice I was able to fix the problem with a little more pushing of my host for help!

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