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  • hey everyone.. this is my first post & my first time installing/using word press, so go easy on me if this has been discussed..

    i searched the forums for this but couldnt find anything specific to my issue..

    whenever you click on the ‘comments’ for each blog post on my site, there’s a “the webpage cannot be displayed” error underneath every comment thats posted.. it STILL shows the user comment but it says the page cannot be displayed under it

    check it out at and click on one of the comments to see what im talking about

    any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

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  • correction…. the error says “The webpage cannot be found”

    I can’t reproduce it.

    Did you fix it? Did you have commenters entering bad URLs?

    i believe i found the root of the problem…. apparently that issue only showed up in the Talian 1.0 theme.. after changing themes around the issue went away

    soooo beware of Talian theme!

    Sorry for the cross post…

    Just figured this out. In the Comments section in the theme editor there are two sections that have Google Adsense code already in there. For some reason Firefox ignores this but IE wants it to be something. I deleted all the code related to the Adsense stuff (presumably you can add it in later if you use Adsense and enter the correct info) and now all seems to be fine.

    go into the Talian-10 theme. I used CUTEFTP home.


    There is a file called “comments.php”

    All you have to do is edit that file. There is adsense code preformatted within the template. The author did this. GOTO the section where it says
    Script Java Google bla bla bla

    just delete that java script. Look for adsense kode my friends delete it and your good to go!

    I did it with my website

    you’ll find this issue with a few templates. I just had to make the same adjustments to redie-30.

    Thanks for the help Ephazi!

    Thank You! Ephazi and alanstrand…

    I have the talian theme, which I love, but that
    “The webpage cannot be displayed” error message in
    my comments section was driving me buggy!

    I took out the adsense script in my comments.php file in two places and now it’s fixed! You guys are awesome!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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