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  • Hi peoples.

    I am using WP 2.04 beta with the hosting service of GoDaddy .

    Recently my web site (only sometimes) dosn’t load, and instead I get the error massage:
    “MySQL server has gone away”
    (this is ALL the massage I get)

    After some short time, I reload the page and it works.

    I searched the forum, and found similar bug report regarding the loading of the dashbord, but my website’s error is happening on the main page (some said it was due to the GoDaddy hosting account, and others said it wasn’t so).

    In short, I don’t have any clue as to what to do about it.
    Any suggestions ?

    Thanks a bunch,

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  • Well it most likely is the database server. Check with godaddy.

    Also I’d recommend upgrading to at least 2.0.10 if not 2.1.3.

    Hi MichaelH, Thank you for the response.

    I sent E-mail to goDaddy on the subject, and will let everyone here know what they reply.

    Regarding upgrading, I am postponing it, because the website has some plugins which, I believe, won’t survive the upgrade…

    Well, GoDaddy said it was all wordpress fualt. great, now what ?

    Should I upgrade ?
    remove plugins and then check ?
    move a to another hosting provider ?

    What could be doing this ?


    P.s: here is the massage I got from goDaddy ( a very polite “it’s all you’re fault”):

    Dear Tal Galili,

    Thank you for contacting Online Support. Unfortunately, we do not provide scripting or coding support through this forum. As such, you will need to look to other resources for assistance with this issue. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


    Garrett Q.
    Online Support Technician

    I am using godaddy and NEVER get this error. So i doubt very much it is them. They are excellent, not a single problem with them (and no i don’t work for them :p )

    @talgalili–can you use phpMyAdmin to access your database?

    Accessing phpMyAdmin on a Godaddy hosted account
    1. Login to your GoDaddy account
    2. Hover your mouse over Hosting & Servers, then click on My Hosting Account–that causes your existing hosting accounts to display.
    3. Under the Control Panel column next to your domain, click on Open which opens the Hosting Manager Control Panel.
    4. On the menu on the left, click on Databases and then MySQL–a list of your databases will display.
    5. On the line that shows your database, under the Manager column, click on Open Manager–this will launch the login to phpMyAdmin.
    6. Enter your database user name and password.
    7. You then should see your database(s).

    HI MichaelH.
    I can access the PHPmyAdmin,
    But once I am there, what do you advice me to do ?!


    When using the Fotobook plugin on my GoDaddy shared hosting server I too received the “MySQL server has gone away” message. GoDaddy told me it was either the fault of the plugin or WordPress. No one else using Fotobook was having that problem and I soon discovered that this error message was being received by a number of GoDaddy customers, though interestingly enough while using different functions within WordPress. There was no consistency.

    A few days ago I switched to Bluehost. Fotobook immediately started working. I haven’t seen the message since. The price for hosting is the same (though you have to pay up front instead of month-to-month, which is the biggest advantage of GoDaddy). So far I’m impressed, though like I say I’ve only been there a few days.

    Do what you can to fix it. I’m not the person to ask about that. But my advice to you is to find a new host. I’m not trying to bash GoDaddy or anything; they worked fine for me for over a year. But they were no help in trying to get this problem resolved.

    Good luck.


    Andrew, Thanks for sharing.
    I am gradually coming to the same conclusion as you have, and am currently going through host names to transfer my websites to. (in my case it is a bit trickier, for I have one blog directed mainly to Israelis, and another to the rest of the world. so I hope to find a host that could accompany the 2 requirements.)

    In short, your comment was helpful, if no better response will arrive, I will probably leave GoDaddy in the next month.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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