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  • Chip Bennett


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    cross-posting from Ticket #18197; I think I (finally) have it in the right place this time!

    I think that the “W” dropdown needs to be moved to the right of the Admin menu. As it is, the “W” menu dropdown obscures the Admin menu. I found that behavior to be highly disruptive (I was aiming for the Dashboard link, and accidentally moused too high).

    Note reply from Jane:

    @chip: That would be true of any menu placed there. The answer isn’t moving the menu, but refining the hover intent timing stuff, which we’ll be doing all through beta1.

    Jane is the UX expert, and I defer to her expertise, but it just strikes me as non-ideal for one menu to obscure another – especially when the menu being obscured is the far more important, and far more used, menu.

    And the placement of the “W” menu brings up another issue: will third parties still be able to apply a custom logo in this location? If not, this will cause… issues with those who customize the logo, or white-label.

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  • Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    Honestly I have that problem TODAY with the happy Me > drop down that’s there on 3.2.x – The only difference is that the menu’s shorter today.

    Third Parties (plugins) should still be able to use current menu removal techniques to yank things out and add others in. My quick tests still worked.

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