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  1. Uma Sumeros
    Posted 4 years ago #


    I am trying to generate a sitemap and for some reason ALL of the pages on the site are generating URLs like this:


    When I check the database, there is nothing I can find that would cause this.

    I have already tried the permalink fix twice and this doesn't work, I really need some help with this one: if the sitemap is getting the information from the database and this information is not there, what could be causing this and how can I fix this problem?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Use a sitemap plugin that works on multisite.


  3. Uma Sumeros
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello Andrea_r:

    Thanks for responding, but the problem is not the sitemap generator, because Googlebot is reporting these corrupted URLS, which is why I am totally confused about what is causing this problem.

    If pages are static, what file controls them in the WP Core files? Is it possible that there is something wrong there or could it be a problem caused by the domain mapping plugin?

    What's your take on this?

  4. If Google's reporting them, where is it saying those links are coming FROM?

  5. Uma Sumeros
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi Ipstenu:

    I am not really sure I understand what you mean. The problem is with the pages on our blog, not incoming links. The example I put in my first post is the way all of the pages created are showing up in the sitemap.

    But that is not the only problem and I am beginning to think that I am going to have to rebuild this blog with a new database and WP core files.

    What I am trying to figure out is what's the best way to go? I thought if I could identify what is causing the problem, then fixing it would be the best route, but for some reason everything is screwed up; on top of the problem already discussed I am getting 404 errors on pages that exist, plus 400 errors and 503 errors as well!

    If the posts are in the database, why are they generating 404 errors?

    How can I straighten out this mess and not lose 6 months of work? I am so frustrated with this project-AAARRRGGGHHH!

    Is it the permalinks? Is it the rewrite rules? Is it a plugin? Here is what I am using:

    WP 3.1.3
    Catalyst Framework with Dynamik Child Theme
    W3Total Cache
    Feedburner Feedsmith
    Downloads Box
    Datafeedr Random Ads V2
    Image Compressor
    Mingle Forum
    Sexy Bookmarks
    Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
    Batch Cat
    Fast Secure Contact Form
    Simple Lightbox
    Slickr Flickr
    Awesome Google Adsense
    Better RSS Widget

    Everything is working fine, EXCEPT the domain mapping and proper activation plugins. Every time I have tried to used these, I get weird errors. My wp-config file is set up properly, my .htacess file has the subdomain code and I have wildcard domains set up. The sunrise.php file is in wp-content, and the code is in wp-config.

    So this is why I am beginning to think I will have to rebuild the blog and database, but this is not something I am looking forward to doing, because I have over 3000 posts and that's over the import limit.

    Could someone can give me the easiest way to do this or tell me what is the better option? I would be grateful. I am totally at a lost right now.

    I really need some help here.


  6. The example I put in my first post is the way all of the pages created are showing up in the sitemap.

    Link to your sitemap please :)

  7. I really don't think it's a db issue, so reinstalling everything won't fix it.

    And we really can't help much without a link to your site.

  8. Uma Sumeros
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello Ipstenu/Andrea_r:

    Andrea_r, the sitemap plugin you suggested was not compatible with WP3.1.3, but I found the Better Word Press Sitemap plugin.

    I dug deeper into the WP Codex and updated my multisite rewrite rules and then combed through the Redirection plugin and lo and behold--this was the culprit. After I deactivated it and removed the database tables, I was able to install the Better Word Press Sitemap generator, create the site index and submit it without any weirdness.

    Now I will have to wait to see the results of the next crawl session by the Googlebot to see if the problem has totally been resolved.

    Thank you both for pointing me in the right direction. Let's hope the problem is solved.

    The url to the site: http://www.blacktopshopping.com/

    The sitemap is here: http://www.blacktopshopping.com/page.xml/

    Take a look and let me know what you think.

    Thanks again,

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