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    If you can see a way to improve the guide, if I didn’t get something right, it something isn’t clear enough – then instead of bitching about me in some distant forum, or sending me email telling me how crap I am, or blogging that the guide got it wrong, FFS do something positive and either say something HERE or drop me an email please.

    You expect people here to pass on their knowledge, so you owe it to everyone else to pass on anything you found can make the guide better.

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  • I found your upgrade guide to be excellent. Thank you 🙂

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Thanks 🙂

    I know it isn’t totally spot on though, which is why the post.
    This is now also a “what can we learn for the next time” exercise ….

    gah …. I should grow a thicker skin 🙂

    I am very thankful for your guide too. It was very easy to follow.

    I think people should appreciate the time and effort you put in to writing these guides! I do follow them and find them easy to understand, even if my results don’t always work. (My fault!) 🙂

    strawberry, you took the text right from my fingertips! But I already said this to Podz about five minutes ago, so no sense to be repeating.

    And other than the comments.php stuff, I’ve plum forgotten anything else that could/should/might be added…but you have my, uh, colorfully worded email. 😉

    Me too Podz, rock solid as far as I’m concerned.



    In the prepare your files section, right at the bottom, number 3. You’ve missed out the word kubrick in front of searchform.php.

    So, should be :

    Now create a folder called “Carrots” and put the first 4 files there into that folder (and kubrick-searchform.php if you use Kubrick).

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Cheers _t 🙂

    (I do keep missing that bit don’t I ?)

    I did my upgrade by backing up my wp_ tables, modifying the backup script (replace wp_ with wp15_) to create tables called wp15_ and creating them in the database with the existing 1.2 content. I then copied my 1.2 directory and created a new 1.5 directory. I modified the siteurl and home values in the wp15_options table to point to the new directory.

    At this point, going to the 1.5 version (though it’s still 1.2) of the site should work just like the 1.2 version. When I verified that, I went and upgraded that WordPress instance following the instructions at . I could then work out any issues I found (like with RSS, etc).

    Since I’m the only author there were no missed posts and there were no comments added that I had to worry about pulling over from the 1.2 to 1.5 version.

    When I was ready to cut over to 1.5, I modified the siteurl and home url in the wp15_options table to point to the current production directory, renamed the current production directory to another name and renamed the 1.5 directory to the current production name and everything worked like a charm with no outage time or worries during the upgrade.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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