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  • Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    The plugin does store tweets for 5 minutes or until it successfully connects to Twitter to get a new set of tweets. However, it doesn’t use the search API, it uses the user timeline.

    Thank you Aaron!

    Hi Aaron,

    I just installed the plugin on two separate sites (also separate hosts, and separate twitter accounts), and noticed that:

    on one site I get a 150 limit
    on the other a 20000 limit

    Both sites however, use more API calls than 1 per 5 minutes.
    With the result that the 150 limit one, finishes this limit in under half an hour. In fact, just now the limit should have been reset, but 8 minutes into it, with a non-busy website, 150 have been used again.
    Or maybe still? Is it possible something else is wrong so that it just keeps hanging at 150 used?

    The main problem though, is that no tweets appear on the page in this situation. I don’t see any cached tweets.

    Is there anything to be done that makes sure the latest set of tweets remains on the site until the limit is reset? Currently, I get white space once the 150 are gone.

    Plugin Author Aaron D. Campbell


    LMEls: The old Tweets should continue to show until the new ones are successfully pulled. If that’s not happening something is wrong. Assuming you’re running the latest version of both WordPress and Twitter Widget Pro (if not, then upgrade) try disabling all your other plugins. This should fix the issue and then you can enable them one at a time until you see which one is causing the conflict.

    As for the limits, those are not for your site but for your IP. Most hosts have many sites on a single IP and all their Twitter requests count against that as well. If you have one site that has a 20,000/hr limit, it’s likely that the IP address has specifically applied and been approved to have it’s limit raised.

    I’m indeed running latest versions of both WP and the TWPro.
    I’ve disabled both other plugins (capability manager and download monitor), and waited until the hour was over, and API limit was reset.
    The tweets came back.
    Then enabled the plugins, one by one, but now the tweets are still on the page, while the limit was reached. I did not change anything else at all.

    Do you know of anything else that could have caused the tweets to stop appearing on the page? Or is ‘deactivate’ and ‘activate’ on the other plugins enough of a fix by itself?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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