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  • Basically this is something I thought of a long time ago and it’s kinda fun trying various layouts, backgrounds etc. The theme I use is overall pretty basic but has some nice features like easy embedding video’s, generating thumbnails etc. So far I’ve setup a gallery (NextGen), a forum (mingle) and I use the Disqus comment system. Of course no members yet since I activated that just now. Hints and tips are always welcome, remember it’s still a work in progres though.


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  • Finished adding plugins, the site is done minus a few tweaks here and there. Have a look and as always constructive criticism is highly appreciated!

    Looks nice and lively, I like it, you have some delay with your main slider loading on your home but the slider and graphics look good. I would put some kind of ‘on’ state on your primary nav (different colour, highlight etc) so users know what page they’re on for usability. Also you have some clipping on the left hand side of your body div on the Poster page.

    @ant: yeah, I noticed the delay yesterday and will fix it this week. The clipping however does not show for me but I’ll ask a few other people if they see it.

    @ken: thanks, it took me a long time to get the theme the way I wanted it; no flashy intro’s, no annoying banners, just so the focus lies there where it’s important: at the content.

    Installed a cache loader so the pages load quicker, it certainly did the trick!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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