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  1. Achilleus
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have a copy of WPMU installed on a local test server. Basically, what I'm wanting to set up is a complete portal powered by WPMU. It might sound easy at first, but when you look at yahoo.com as a simple portal the task seems daunting.

    I need my users to sign up for a WP account as an email address, similar to what you see at Google. You sign in with your gmail address and get access to all the stuff they have there. Same thing applies with WP, I need a webmail account to automatically be created for them. I also need to make it so that they sign in using their email address. I'm planning on using squirrelmail for their webmail.

    I will also need to be able to set up a forum, on my local machine I have bbPress installed but I have many issues with the links and I will need to set up the email creation and email as login on bbPress as well, but that's something I'll need to post at their forum.

    I use the subdomain setup on WPMU, but WPMU seems to override anything else I might have set up on a different subdomain or even directory. Is there a way to reserve a subdomain, or a directory? I want to continue to use the URL rewriting but I don't want it to completely take everything over, the ability to add exceptions to it would be nice.

    At the moment, I have the revver video plugin installed for video submission and a youtube-like community, but that doesn't upload their videos to my server. Does anybody know of a plugin or non-plugin software that would serve this purpose? The ability to use it without their branding would also be great, as I'm wanting the entire portal to work seamlessly and look seamless to the end user.

    Looking at all of the things I still have yet to do, it can seem like it'd be easier if I just code it all from scratch. That would take me a very long time to do, I'm not a pro at this stuff xD I've never even messed with URL rewriting before until a week or two ago, just before I started working with WP. I have basic PHP/SQL/XHTML/CSS knowlege.

    I almost forgot, I don't want the end users to be forced to log in more then once.

  2. Chris_K
    Posted 7 years ago #

    You might have better luck at http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/

  3. Achilleus
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Gah! Didn't even realize I was on the wrong site. So many <name>Press forums and sites, it's hard to keep track anymore.

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