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    While creating the theme, everything is working fine. But after exporting the theme using your clone option, the template parts are always missing. Check the ss –

    I get this error while uploading the cloned theme to a new site. Templates parts means header, footer, comment section, post meta, everything are not showing on the pages.

    Also, the menu block didn’t get the default pages.

    I’m using Twenty Twenty Three theme and want to replicate my own theme.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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  • Hi @gtarafdarr I wasn’t able to replicate this issue on my site. All template parts are available as expected for the clone theme. I would suggest checking which version of the Create Block Theme you are using you will need to be on the latest one. What you have described sounds like this issue which was fixed with version 12.2.

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    Hello @thelmachido, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, the stable version of Create Block Theme plugin in WP org is 1.8.1; even in GitHub, the latest is v1.8.1. Are you suggesting the issue has been resolved in Gutenberg version 12.2? Should I have to use Gutenberg Plugin? I’m using the default block editor. Gutenberg is not mandatory for this plugin AFAIK. Looking for your suggestions.

    Hi @gtarafdarr thank you for the correction, I referenced the wrong version it should be 1.6.3 which was resolved on this issue. The previous issue I shared was also related to Gutenberg thanks for pointing that out.

    I was suggesting checking your plugin version because I am not able to replicate the issue, this may be a plugin or theme conflict. Please attempt to disable all other plugins, and use one of the default (Twenty*) themes. If the problem goes away, enable them one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

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    Thanks again @thelmachido; I have deactivated all plugins except the Create Block Theme, SS:

    And you may seen I’m using the latest version of that plugin.

    And there is no space in theme name

    But still the problem exists,

    I have tasted in the fresh installed WordPress site.

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    BTW, @thelmachido, I’m using the Twenty Twenty Three theme and trying to rebuild my own theme.

    And WordPress is 6.2

    PHP – 8.1.9

    Sever- Nginx

    Using LocalWP localhost.

    I hope those info might help you.

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    Thanks @thelmachido, I have figured out the issue.
    I’m downloading several times and each and every time theme name changes to theme2, theme3, etc while saving on my pc. And that’s creating the issue with the template parts’ slugs.
    I came to know about that issue from this Git thread. So I became careful and saved it in a different folder to avoid the name-changing problem.

    And first time issue arises with the white space in theme name.

    It would be great if you add these to points in your readme.txt file in the installation part so that people will be careful.

    • Don’t give white spaces in your theme name, use “-” or “_” or better not use anything try to make it one word if possible, exp – WPtheme/ThemeWP/BlockTheme/
    • If you clone your theme several times then save it different different folder to avoid them name changing issues. As each everytime if you download theme in same name while saving the theme on your pc it will automatically add number suffixes to your same theme names, exp – Theme2/Theme3/Theme4,
      You can replace or if you want to keep the both file then save it in different folder. If your theme name changed while saving in your pc it will change the slug of the Template parts and your theme will miss the template parts.

    Thanks and sorry for bothering you.

    Hi @gtarafdarr oh I see, thank you for taking the time to explain what the issue was for you. This is very helpful, if you have some time please feel free to comment on the GitHub issue to mention that you also came across this problem. This might help push the issue and a fix forward.

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