• Unlimited Elements is already one of the most valued tools in our stack, as developers of 7, soon 8 local newspapers (a small chain) in Norway. They are dependable, flexible and well thought out.

    We hit a snag in our development when customers through our sales-company demanded a new type of ad products -where we needed the possibility to implement and pin an “paid post item” into their Post Grid widget (it is legal to sell articles as ads in norway if they are clearly marked). Our main pages uses UE`s Post Magazine Grid and Post Grid widgets, and we needed a solution.

    The great people at Unlimited Elements (Thanks Adarsh!) offered to adjust the Post Grid Widget to accomodate for this, and we ended up with a usable solultion.

    I can not see many companies who would do this -they really go above and beyond.

    I highly recommend Unimited Elements to every WordPress/Elementor Pro user!

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