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  • @xianluoxxx,

    You really haven’t given me enough information to tell you anything helpful. A link to you site or a screen shot would have been useful.

    I am guessing but I suspect you just need to log out as I think you are probably seeing a message linking to your profile but I can’t be sure as you haven’t to me what you are seeing.

    I hope that helps but if not please provide some more details.

    It works after I log out,thanks.
    I have other issue, after I input email and press subscribe button, I did not
    see the subscriber’s email address in the public subscribers page? I check the email log, I found no email was sent. My web site has not been published, I only test it on local.I use my private email as sender and use Easy WP SMTP plugin to send email.

    By the way, the register can got email, only public subscriber can not work.


    When you type in an email and click Subscribe, what does it then say on the web page? You should get a message confirming sending or reporting an error.

    No message is shown except the title of page.
    I have a good news, after I change the page template to “full width”, the public
    subscriber can work and confirming message is shown. I don’t know why it can not work if I use default template or other template I created.


    It seems like there is a theme conflict going on but at least you have a workaround.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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