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  • I’ve been using the Trencaspammers plug-in for some time now with complete success, ocewr the last week or so the bots (I can’t imagine a person could/would go through the process of plugging in nearly 1000 comments that never appeared) seem to have found a way passed this. The SPAM is being caught by comment moderation keywords?IPs and shunted to moderation where I delete them but I can’t see how they are getting passed the radom code image in the first place.

    Ideas anyone?

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  • There was an article about 6 months ago by one of the Blog Spammers about how he figured out how to write code to break captcha graphics. His program essentially took the graphic and broke it down to guess the right words/letter/numbers/whatever. He had close to 95% success rate in breaking it.

    It is pretty much at that point that people felt that even captcha’s wouldn’t be enough to stop spammers that were persistent in their efforts.


    Spammers can eventually find their way around most things. That’s why its important to stay up on the *latest & greatest* in the spam-fighting world. I’d suggest Bad-Behavior, it’s quite good.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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