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  • justbishop


    Finally put all of the components together and wrote a quick instructional .txt file to go along with it. Seems all of the links to the bits and pieces in past forum topics are broken (I swear I change domain names like most change their socks), but this is my business domain, and is in danger of going “poof” anytime soon:

    Enjoy, and if anyone out there is ambitious enough to smoosh this all together into one awesome plugin, please feel free!

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  • I think I left out the detail of creating a “single-feedback.php” template, but I will update the instructional file now.

    @justbishop, are you still developing this? I followed your detailed tutorial but could not get it to work on my site. I am not using buddypress, this maybe the problem.

    What parts have you not been able to get working? I havent messed with WP in months, so I’m rusty, but I can attempt to help if there’s a specific issue that you’re having 🙂

    At step no.7, after I create the template file, what do I do with it?
    Is this file “single-feedback.php” used by “fd_page.php”?

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