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    I am using this shortcode [nggallery id=1 template=”sliderview”]

    and in return the page render:

    get_option(‘ng_slider_theme’), ‘ng_slider_display_content’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_display_content’), ‘ng_slider_order’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_order’), ‘ng_slider_slideshow_speed’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_slideshow_speed’), ‘ng_slider_direction_nav’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_direction_nav’), ‘ng_slider_pagination’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_pagination’), ‘ng_slider_image_width’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_image_width’), ‘ng_slider_background’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_background’), ‘ng_slider_text_width’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_text_width’), ‘ng_slider_use_width_for_img_slider’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_use_width_for_img_slider’), ‘ng_slider_disable_img_stretching’ => get_option(‘ng_slider_disable_img_stretching’) ); $ng_slider_theme_names = array(‘black’,’blue’,’grey’); global $post; $regex_pattern = get_shortcode_regex(); preg_match_all (‘/’.$regex_pattern.’/s’, $post->post_content, $regex_matches); foreach ($regex_matches[2] as $sc_num => $value) { $attribureStr = (shortcode_parse_atts(trim ($regex_matches[3][$sc_num]))); if($value == ‘nggallery’ && $attribureStr[‘id’]== $gallery->ID) { // Found a NextGEN gallery find out what ID // Turn the attributes into a URL parm string //if($attribureStr == $gallery) $sc_defaults = array(); foreach ($defaults as $key => $value) { $key2 = str_replace(‘ng_slider_’, ”, $key ); $sc_defaults[$key2] = $value; } $attributes = wp_parse_args($attribureStr, $sc_defaults); //print_r($attributes); foreach(array_keys($defaults) as $att ){ $att = str_replace(‘ng_slider_’, ”, $att ); if (isset($attributes[$att])) { $defaults[‘ng_slider_’.$att] = $attributes[$att]; } } } } extract($defaults); if(is_numeric($ng_slider_theme)) $ng_slider_theme = $ng_slider_theme_names[$ng_slider_theme]; $display_content = $ng_slider_display_content ? true: false ; if($ng_slider_order == ‘reverse’) $images = array_reverse($images); ?>

    Before this problem I had another problem, the slider did not use the slider template at all, so the page just rendered the standard next gen gallery as an simple slideshow. So I have some big issues with the slider templates.. :S

    Of course I have installed both the plugins and activated them. I have read all the guides about this plugins.

    NextGEN Flex Slider Template: Version 1.6
    NextGEN Gallery: Version 1.9.10

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Mohsin Rasool


    I believe, it is happening because your server has disabled short_tag_open flag. To enable it use one of the following methods

    Method 1.
    Add following code to your .htacces file

    <IfModule mod_php5.c>
      php_value short_open_tag 1

    if you see internal server error, try replacing “php_value” with “php_flag” and “php_val”

    Method 2.
    Open “/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-flex-slider-template/template-nggsliderview.php” and change all occurances of “<? ” to “<?php ” and “<?=” to “<?php echo “;

    I have noted it down and will be fixed in next upgrade. So, dont worry about losing changes on upgrade.


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