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  • Plugin Contributor zingiri


    There should be a The Slider menu in Settings, showing Help with instructions on how to use the slider, it’s all controlled through a short-code.

    Nothing like “The Slider” under the Settings menu!

    Plugin Contributor zingiri


    Strange … anyone else not seeing the menu?

    In any case, the instructions it shows are as follows:

    Getting started
    To test the set up, include the short code [the-slider] anywhere on a page. This should show you the demo slider.

    The syntax
    If that works, we can move to the next step. You can add parameters to the short code to control the behaviour of the slider, the syntax is as follows:

    [the-slider parameter1=value1,parameter2=value,paramter3=value3,…]

    The parameters

    – cat: post category from which to select the posts
    – max: maximum number of posts to include

    [the-slider cat=3,max=4] will include 4 posts of post category 3 in the slider

    Can I include the slider multiple times on a page?
    Yes, absolutely, you can put the slider short code anywhere on a page and multiple times, using different parameters for each slider.
    How do I add images?
    Simply set a featured image for your post. The slider will pick up the featured image and display it. Best sizes are 400px by 250 px.

    Mm I don’t see a settings option for “The Slider” either.

    How do I embed The Slider inside a template?

    embedding the plugin in the templates doesn’t work

    Plugin Contributor zingiri


    Any more specifics? How did you do the embedding?

    The plugin looks promising… But it simply doesnt work. 🙁

    plugin not have any Menu.
    i have the same problem

    Plugin Contributor zingiri


    Sorry guys, we looked over the thing inside out but can’t figure out why you’re not seeing any menu … if anyone has any clue, please share.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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