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  • I’m happy to say that I’m using the latest alpha version of WordPress that supports enclosures to publish a Podcast that my brother and I started.
    It’s called The Skinny on Sports and it’s a 10 minute sports commentary show about the current issues in sports. We are just starting out in Podcasting, so your feedback and suggestions about the show are welcomed. Feel free to comment on our site. If you’re a sports fan, we think it’s worth the listen!
    You can get to the show at
    Thanks in advance for taking a look.

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  • Looks great.
    Do you think you could explain “enclosures” to me, so I can understand the significance. I’ve heard a buzz about ’em, but have no clue.

    Basically, an enclosure allows a file (in this case an MP3) to be included with the RSS feed. In the case of Podcasting, you can use a client such as iPodder to automatically fetch MP3’s from RSS feeds and move them directly to an MP3 player such as an iPod.
    Hope that clears it up.

    Hi there
    Very nice! Good use of the 3dots template and the way you have cutomised it. How did you manage to remove the graphic that usually stays on the top left hand side?
    Also, just wondering if you highlight some text, rather than highlighting just the text you want, it seems to highlight everything around it. This happens in IE but not Firefox and wonder if you noticed this as well.

    Hi Leslie,
    I’ve never actually noticed that before since I’m almost completely a Firefox user – I check my site to make sure it looks OK in IE, but that’s about it. It stumped me, because my other site Hoyd News Network also uses that theme and when I checked it does the same thing.
    So, I went back to the original theme page on Alex King’s site which can be found here and it appears that it has the same highlighting problem. I wonder if that means it’s just an IE problem (maybe SP2 – is that what you’re using as well?)
    As for removing the graphic with the style, it’s just about editing the sytle-sheet with it. I just removed the graphic and then moved the top value up so the column would start immediately. You’re welcome to use View Source and then check out the style-sheet that my site links to for more details.
    Thanks for the feedback.

    thanks for that.
    Yes, I’m using Windows XP Service Pack 2.
    I might drop Alex an email to see what he thinks may be the issue.
    One other question…
    When it comes to recording your audio, what do you use?
    For recording and editing of audio, I have used Audacity –
    It is similar to Cool Edit Pro and is free.

    Audacity is what I’ve been using as well. Works great and I like the fact that it’s free and is available on all the different platforms in case I ever switch. I want to try it on my old 550 Mhz laptop and see how it works so that hopefully I can have a portable Podcasting setup for when I’m away.

    Wow! Looks like great minds think alike 🙂

    In case anyone is interested, the second episode of our Podcast for The Skinny on Sports is now posted.
    As always, feedback is welcomed!

    is this the appropriate location for this type of advertising? just wondering.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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