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  1. dem
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Sometimes my wordpress site gets like "saturated" but is not saturated because i've seen all the users online and they aren't much. Sometimes like 4 or 3.

    So... i click a link and i have to wait sometimes like 5 minutes to gthe url get opened. I think it's some kind of problems with databse connection or php. i don't know. Can you tell me what the problems can be?

    it sometimes says... capacity problems...

  2. Binh
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I'm having the same issue here with cars.apmart.com. Could anyone open a page there and says if it's too slow. I feel like it's having double redirect or something like that.

    I heard it could be cause of some plugin. Does anyone know any possible plugin that make things slower? Here is the source: http://www.cre8d-design.com/blog/2008/04/14/wordpress-tip-what-to-do-if-its-too-slowimpossible-logging-into-your-wordpress-admin-area/

    Also, I experience admin panel slow too, even slower than the actual blog site. Sometimes I edit a page/post and click Save, it turned back unsaved and i lose all the hard work. This happen to almost everything, have to click the 2nd or 3rd time for things to be saved.

    Does anyone know a solution?

  3. ynotme
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I am having hte same problem with WordPress 2.6 running EXTREMELY slowly on my server.

    Godaddy.com is telling me that the recent update to 2.6 is causing the database to run very slowly.

    I have over a 1-1/2 years of content on my site and have not touched anything since I updated to 2.6 over a month ago. My site just started running slowly this past Wednesday.

    The guys at Godaddy are telling me to "optimize my database".

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why this is happening for? Godaddy claims that since my site has "so much content" on it, it is running slow. I only have 70 posts on my site and not a lot of content.

    Is this a godaddy issue or a wordpress issue?

    This is extremely frustrating.

  4. macsoft3
    Posted 7 years ago #

    >I have over a 1-1/2 years of content on my site and have not touched anything since I updated to 2.6

    Do you mean you didn't have trouble until you updated your WP to 2.6? My version is a lot lower and has 1,200 posts with no problem except that ad companies cause a loading delay.

  5. lukesneeringer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Good morning,
    I am a Linux system administrator with essentially no experience with WordPress. I host a few small sites on a VPS that I keep running.

    Last week, I agreed to take on a WordPress blog for a friend of mine. She gets what I believe to be a trivial amount of traffic in the scheme of things. I think her site might get 20-25 concurrent users on a usual day, and maybe 50 under heavy load. I haven't done an in-depth look at statistics...but put it this way: that's close. It could conceivably be twice that, but it's not ten times that.

    Here's the kicker. So I had a VPS that was a 512 MB slice at slicehost.com. I put her site on the server and the server just tanked. I upped the slice to 1 GB and then 2 GB. I'm not willing to increase it to 4 GB. Even with 2 GB of memory on the box...the site runs acceptably for a short period (measured in hours, not days) and then chokes. I've had to wake up in the middle of the night the last two nights in a row to restart the server.

    It is completely unacceptable to me that a site with 25-50 concurrent users can't run on a box with 2 GB of RAM.

    She's running WordPress 2.6.2. I have a partially-privileged login to her wp-admin/ page, but I don't know what to look for (offending plugins, maybe?). Can someone help me understand why her site is NOM NOM NOMing my server?

    Luke Sneeringer

  6. ynotme
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My site just started running EXTREMELY slow almost a week ago. I updated to 2.6.2 when it first came out and everything was just fine....for a couple of weeks. After the site started running slowly last week (for no apparent reason) I tried installing the WP Super Cache plugin, but it still runs slow.

    I have been talking to the support team at Godaddy now for over a week and have had 7 tickets opened and subsquently closed. Godaddy claims it is the 2.6 upgrade that is causing all of the problems.

    I am starting to think that this is the case.

    Can anyone quantify what can be done for websites running 2.6 that are hosted on a shared hosting server in order to make them run normally?

    Since I am on a shared hosting account at Godaddy, I cannot optimize much in terms of the database (they will not allow it). This post here is for sites that are on virtual or dedicated servers http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/files/matt-mullenweg-wordpress-mysql-recommendations.txt

    Anyone suggest a fix for those of us using WordPress 2.6 (that have over a year's worth of content and no other issues caused by us that would make the site run slow) ?

    I have heard from several people that wordpress is a resource hog and does not play well with the database aspect of it.....but this is ridiculous.

    I feel bad now for beating (literally yelling and screaming) at Godaddy for the past week when the issue seems to lie with the recent wordpress 2.6.2 update.

    Are the developers aware of this issue or have they made any acknowledgment that they are investigating these types of claims?

  7. ynotme
    Posted 7 years ago #

    A quick search of these forums produces the following threads in which the users report the same "slowness" issues:





    What gives?

    To me, for the average WordPress user who is not that technically inclined.....is this a sign of things to come? In order to make WordPress run efficiently, do we have to be a "whiz"?

  8. rwinslow
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have been diagnosing a problem with the same issues as this using 1&1 (1and1.com) as the web host. I am happy to announce that I do not think that this is a web host issue, be it 1&1, Go Daddy or Dreamhost.

    From my findings, stopping the site totally through htaccess deny from all, allowing just me, then the site loads in a few seconds compared to sometimes a minute.

    Turning the site on again makes everything run slowly.

    Doing a wget, running php locally via shell and other testing, it seems that the main page works ok (ish), only then going to an article from the main page takes the very long time. part of the article loads, showing the "by Kelly" and normal page headers, then the clock starts ticking, then the article is shown :


    So the actual query to get the article is what is taking a long time. This server is set to a 60 second timeout, which I think may be been hit, however the article is still showing correctly.

    Assuming that things work with just one user on the site ok ish, then this would make me think that with multiple users the tables are locked somehow for a read, or for logging of the browsers access, until the time out is reached and the site shows ok.

    The mysql server does not show slow queries that would represent the normal page accesses, though it does show for a query that seems to be finding linked articles to the current article by some scoring method.

    I am very lost currently, any advice will be appreciated.

    MySQL 5
    WP 2.6.2

  9. ynotme
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have the code for my website statistics in the footer....

    Whenever I load my page, for a brief second I see the name of the company in the top right hand corner of the blog. It just started to do this a few days ago....

    Not sure if this is related, but this occurrence also started when my site start to run slowly.

    If you guys are using the Super Cache plugin or the SEO plugin, both have new versions. I believe they were released today. I just upgraded both in the hopes the site would go faster.....but still slow loading.

  10. petersig
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Another reason for a slow site is bad code in the header, the footer, or even the posts. One of my blogs was shut down by the host, because of an extreme overload. It is so very unlikely that this blog was slashdotted, that I checked further.

    I'm using WP 2.1.2.

    I looked at all 12 or 15 posts, and found that one post was empty, that shouldn't be. I then went to the admin panel and looked at mmanage, and pulled up "edit" for the post just to see if it was still there. It was: with the original post, plus pages and pages of links - like having an akismet file with 1500 links, all at once. After emailing back to security at Hostgator, that I had found the problem, and what it was, I looked further. How could someone mutilate a post? He or she would have to have admin privileges, so I looked at the Users and the profile sections. Sure enough, there was a user listed as "WordPress" at http://www.com, who had admin privileges, and who had written some additional javascript code in the Users panel.

    The beginning of such code intrusions is a <u style="display:none"> command, and then the pages of links that would overload any server. I've seen that, or similar, do not display commands when I've found code in the header or the footer or the sidebar that doesn't belong.

    This time, because the user name has a domain, he or she can be tracked. I guess the scare tactic to use is a "copyright violation cease and desist letter, followed by an appeal to the hosting service.

  11. TheAnalyzer
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I don't have an answer but just adding another report of slowness. I rent a VS but I am not a Linux Admin.

    We were running WP 2.0.11 happily until last week. A combination of knowing an upgrade was overdue plus site unresponsiveness and services shutting down (Apache, DNS BIND etc.) prompted us to upgrade to 2.6.3 yesterday morning. We thought it was related to the sudden daily thousand spam comments/trackbacks and wanted to install Bad Behaviour so had to upgrade first.

    So we were experiencing these issues on a stable and unchanged issue of WP. My VS is not managed by the host but the support team are very helpful (www.Layershift.com) and usually respond with a fix or suggestions within 30 minutes. I run a monitoring service against the web site and it reported a 3 hour outage last week (2.0.11). I complained, thinking the VS was down. The response was:
    "The problem is that your server has not been offline at all during these periods - it is more that it was saturated with too many concurrent requests. I have optimised Apache on your VPS so that it can support greater load, and this seems to be helping."

    Well, traffic is like 6,000 visits per day so it’s not like a stampede of elephants or anything. But I do not understand enough about how the platform works to make any analysis

  12. jimbocook
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I've been seeing something similar with a budget hosting account and support blamed it on php scripts using more than the allotted server memory. Trying an upgrade to see if that helps. But it does seem that, as wordpress gets more server intensive, we could be tripping up against limits at our hosts that weren't previously an issue.

  13. anela
    Posted 7 years ago #

    What's ridiculous is that we shouldn't have to upgrade. I pay enough for my hosting as it is and have enough to deal with. This should NOT be an issue. WordPress has always presented themselves as the program for the n00b or for the common guy. So WHY is it suddenly so server heavy? And I'm concerned about 2.7, is it only going to get worse?
    I've still seen no resolution to this or similar issues, not even any dev or moderator involvement, it seems either.

  14. Androgen
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I don't see why you guys are complaining a lot? I run a website with over 3,000+ posts and run WP 2.6.3 and it's running perfectly without a problem..

    I use LunarPages as my host.

  15. fish248
    Posted 7 years ago #

    I have recently started using super cache on my wordpress blog that has been upgraded to 2.6. It runs incredibly fast. It your having any sort of problem with your blog running slow I would give the super cache plug in a try.

  16. whooami
    Posted 7 years ago #

    What's ridiculous is that we shouldn't have to upgrade.

    you dont have to upgrade. You seem to be missing the fact that you are inevitably responsible for what webapps run within your webspace. You are as free as anyone else to continue running whatever obsolete and exploitable version of WP you want.

    In fact, you dont even have to use wordpress. There are plenty of alternatives available.

    There's the door ...

    I've still seen no resolution to this or similar issues, not even any dev or moderator involvement, it seems either.

    First, your describing server issues, and not wordpress issues. WP runs just fine on thousands of sites, with thousands of posts, and Gb's of traffic. It's impossible for ANY developer to write code that is going to perform the same way across every single server set up on every single site on the web.

    Sorry. Not going to happen.

    Secondly, devs, as a rule, dont post here. They dont do support -- they write code.

    Thirdly. moderators moderate the forum. They dont exist to answer any more threads than you do. They're not paid, and they aren't sacrificial lambs that are tossed into the mix of threads like this one, where all someone such as yourself can do, is rant.

    Everything else in your post has been deliberately ignored by me because it's rant.

  17. tcindie
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Have you considered installing a php opcode cache? It can significantly reduce pageload times by caching the actual php code, so it doesn't have to be compiled every time a page loads..

    I'm running APC on my web server, and it's cut page load times of some drupal sites by more than half... no reason it wouldn't have similar results for wordpress sites.

    It may also be beneficial to do some database maintenance from time to time.. reindexing, etc.

  18. zouk
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Check your hosting server, It might be due to slow hosting. Otherwise if you have installed too many plugins, that may be the cause.

  19. anela
    Posted 7 years ago #

    @whooami --

    You are as free as anyone else to continue running whatever obsolete and exploitable version of WP you want.

    I said nothing about upgrading WordPress, I was talking about upgrading hosting in response to the person above me.

    WordPress has always presented themselves as the program for the n00b or for the common guy. So WHY is it suddenly so server heavy? And I'm concerned about 2.7, is it only going to get worse?

    That is not a rant. Those are valid points/questions. If YOU don't like it YOU don't have to respond, certainly not to respond that you're ignoring me.

    WP runs just fine on thousands of sites, with thousands of posts, and Gb's of traffic. It's impossible for ANY developer to write code that is going to perform the same way across every single server set up on every single site on the web.

    Hmmm. Okay then. Because you say so, it *must* be true.
    My sites are currently on a server to themselves and still having issues. You cannot logically say that because WP runs fine on thousands of other sites that there MUST not be a problem anywhere with the program. I'm not an idiot, I know nothing will work everywhere in every possible scenario. But not only do I fit the installation requirements, I have done everything though from optimizing my installations to the databases to installing cache plugins to removing useless plugins to upgrading PHP and MySQL and installing accelerators, etc, etc, ETC. Everything.

    There's the door ...

    Gee, thanks. Not that I needed you to show me the door. I'm already looking for proper alternatives. A pity, really, I've been a WordPress fan girl since the absolute beginning. I have the shirts to prove it. Again, you don't like that I'm getting frustrated with this after having been dealing with it since 2.6 came out, then don't reply. Simple solution.

    K. Thx.

    @tcindie -- I'm currently running eAccelerator I'll look into those others, thanks.

    @zouk -- I'm afraid that neither of those are the issues for me, thanks though!

    (For what it's worth, I believe I made this statement in another post regarding this, my issue isn't so much it being slow or stopping but in using too many resources.)

  20. DocTeeRex
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Here's something interesting that may be related. I have 5 new WordPress sites up at GoDaddy. I've used GoDaddy for 2 years, no problems. These 5 sites are all hosted at different server IPs. They are also built in subdirectories of some of my other hosting on the main sites.

    I built all 5 the same: Same WordPress 2.6.0 files, same theme, same plugin loads. I plan to customize later. First, though, I'm troubleshooting a problem: One of the sites runs quite differently from the other four! Symptoms of the "bad" site:

    Loads much slower
    Admin can't change page authors
    All user profiles; when loaded, the first password line is filled w/ a password

    There may be other differences as well, but these three are driving me crazy! I even tried disabling all plugins, the three symptoms are still there.

    I'm thinking, if I can find whatever is causing the two symptoms I can see when managing the site in Dashboard, then I'll likely solve the speed problem for that site as well. It doesn't load so slow it chokes; but clearly 4-6x slower than any of the other four (identical) sites...

    Any ideas on this? Maybe if we can find what's up here, we can get insights into everybody's slow site problems...

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