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  • Joy


    Is the email the same every time, or is it a different plugin or theme causing an error?



    Joy it is the same email every time, or rather error message, I only received that one email about the plugin being an issue. I have tried this on FF browser with a different admin account and I get the same issue same “The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.” code. I am not sure what is going on. I can’t find anything funky in the themes content folder in the root directory for the cpanel. I am at a loss right now. I might have to wipe my browser and history clean. Spent the last 1.5 hours copying down my passwords and usernames. just in case I do need to clear my cache.



    Just letting you all know that I found the issue. It was the buildr features plugin from author smartcat. Thankfully I didn’t have to wipe my cache clean.

    Timothy Jacobs


    I’m glad to hear you solved the issue @applepieintheskydreamer!

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you clarify if you clicked on the link that has “enter_recovery_mode” in the URL? We’re trying to determine if something went wrong with the feature.



    Hi Timothy. I apologize ahead time for any typos. Sending this from my mobile. I ended up deactivating all my plugins. Which allowed me to finally access my themes. Then I started activating the plugins one by one to see which one was causing the issue. It ended up being a needed plugin for the buildr theme by smartcat. The plugin is called buildr features and is version 1.3.0 I believe. Sadly I can’t find a place to tell the developer of the plugin about the issue with the new wordpress update. hopefully, they get it fixed as i was using the buildr theme for my website.

    I solved by changing the php version to 7.0.33, the only one that does not return this error with wordpress 5.2



    pixelarea, I have the i.t guys from my web host helping with this issue, they wanted me to put the debug mode on so they could track what’s going on… Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out how to turn the debug mode on because I have no flipping clue what to do in the root folder and really don’t want to break my site again. I will probably just ask them to upgrade my php server to the 7.0.33, they just upgraded it to the 7 and said they could go higher if need be.

    The thing you should know about PHP is that each has an End of Life deadline after which it does not get any security updates. The End of Life for PHP 7.0 has already passed, and even PHP 7.1 only gets critical updates.



    Joy thank you for the tuts. I will definitely be updating my php to a higher version. I was completely unaware of the php issue. I am just learning about coding this year, and I have so far to go, and there is a multitude to cover just in the front end department. let alone all this back end stuff that can quite literally break my website if I make the wrong move and give me tears of rage lol.

    wordpress is upgration with 5.2.1 but error is coming now when I upload a theme any theme

    In my case it was an issue with my PHP version.

    in my experience, this error caused by plugins that not running/compatible with PHP 7.2. Before that, I use PHP 7.2, and cause that error. and I check in apache error.log, there is plugin (revsilder) make error, so I deactivate that plugin, and my site running well.

    in my case, I just installed a new theme and activated the plugins when I try to save any settings from the theme option i get the error ” The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin em”
    i tried to deactivate all the plugins but the problem still persists
    also tried to switch to different PHP version , and cleared cache,
    but it’s not solving
    help pls?

    Experince is a teacher,.
    I was shocked myself. I was about installing a plugin when i got that message. I had to go change the settings i did on my host. But still it dinnt work out so i had to google it and found this threaded post. and decided to change myphp version which was the solution of the problem.

    the issue now is that it only worked in version 7.1 and wont work in any other php version either lower or higher.

    does it mean my hosting have not updated the earlier versions of php?

    Hello, I recently made a simple change to my website and uploaded it (via dreamweaver), but it was taking so long I figured I accidentally uploaded the whole site, so I canceled it and now I am getting the same message when I try to log into my wordpress (woocommerce) order page :”The site is experiencing technical difficulties. Please check your site admin email inbox for instructions.”

    I looked up the error and found this page. I also disabled all the plugins and themes by renaming the folders. The website is working but I still can’t get into my order page. I am not very good at understanding this and I am sure I caused the issue but I don’t know where to go to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated.

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