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  • Hello Scott,

    One of the possibility can be insufficient PHP memory.

    You need to check the PHP setting “memory_limit” and eventually increase it.
    Modern WP versions require more memory reserved to each PHP script.

    Hope this helps.


    Kartik thanks for your reply – I’m trying to locate where I can change this – looking for a php.ini file to edit but haven’t located it – I’m using cPanel. Scott


    My website about 6 weeks ago sustained 14 days of sustained attacks by israeli intelligence. They share the same techniques with GCHQ and the NSA – they all work together and have doe so for over 70 years.

    WordPress has a big security hole – you can have two or more people login with the same user name password – all from differing ip addresses.

    They even managed to get into my database. I had three top end security plugins installed everything up to date but these all failed. These security plugins may prevent Jo Blogs trying to get in – but are useless against professional hackers.

    These intelligence security hackers compromised not only my website – but my host provider- and crashed three mail servers – for security reasons their security team shut down with my agreement my website.

    Here’s the bad news. GCHQ NSA Mossad have cracked SSL. I know this is as a fact – the reasons are too complicated and long to say here.

    The most critical aspect of WordPress is the database. No security plugins will check this. So what do you do to protect your site when security plugins don’t work? You need to set up a real firewall – ask your host provider to do this for you.

    My experience tells me there are three kinds of security

    (1) Physical security
    (2) Software – American security has back doors to the NSA and
    (3) No security

    We live in an age without any real security. The history of “ants” and “bots” is long 80 years. The fact of life is everything is read – accept it as a fact.

    No WordPress security plugin offers any real time security. They are at best a “comfort dummy.” Stick your website on a Linux Server. Windows servers have been hacked for years. Get your host to install a firewall – this will protect your greatest asset – your database. Download your database on a regular basis – once a week is good and do an ftp of your entire website.

    Today – with many commercial organisations with websites – they contain a lot of personal information – all that is available to a good security intelligence hacker and read everyday by GCHQ NSA and Mossad and for a price available to your competitors.

    No WordPress website is secure – trust me. I know. But you can do your best by getting a firewall and doing the things I have suggested.

    Thanks for reading – I’ll not be doing any replies here – but you can contact me and encrypt your emails search on a keyserver for E4F6 E588 E7BC 854F 318F B032 5C6E E7FB AAD8 C47D and include your public key. All emails will be ignored.

    Thanks for reading

    Captain David Cooper

    Kartik, I located where to change the PHP limit – increased it to 256 but that did not solve the problem – still can’t login to my website. Scott

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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