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    Hello Bangbay

    and thank you for developing this excellent plugin!

    I am afraid something seems to have caused the avatar for the site admin to vanish. It was showing fine then it seemed to disappear.
    As I have been developing the site, I am afraid I can’t say at what point it disappeared, but two other test Users I have using avatars work fine…
    I have tried most everything I could think of… the mouseover in the area where the avatar should be still behaves as it should – bringing up the WP Symposium floating dashboard, but the image just isn’t there, nor is it in the profiles of either, the frontend of WP Symposium, OR the Users profile int eh WP Admin dashboard.

    It’s a bit of a mystery and I am afraid I am not much of a coder, except for the really, really simple stuff.

    Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

    Best of the best Bangbay! (I hope I have that right, that is your first name, yeah? :o)

    Best of the best!


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  • Hi Toni,

    I haven’t used WP Symposium before. WP Symposium is probably doing the same thing my plugin does (taking over WordPress’s default get_avatar function), so there is probably a conflict between our plugins. As far as I can tell from your members page, Browser and BuyerOne are using avatars set by my plugin, but Helper is using an avatar set by WP Symposium, which actually doesn’t exist. (It’s expecting it at If you remove where you’ve set this image in your WP Symposium settings, perhaps it will let my plugin take precedence.

    Hello Bangbay,

    and thank you for getting back to me so quickly, and for making sense too! :o)

    I’ll go and see whether I can fathom it.

    Thank you me dear, have a great weekend!


    Hello again Bangbay,

    I have finally found the time to check outthe profile image and you were of course absolutely right.
    I have deleted the WP Symposium avatar I had uploaded to the profile and yours immediately popped up!

    Stunning work!
    Thanks for all your help.

    Best of the best!


    Great! I’m glad it worked out. Thanks for using my plugin!

    No worries, thank you!

    I have sent my donation by PayPal, under my full name.

    Antonella Massari, Bristol, UK

    Please let me know if there should be any problems with the payment.

    Best of the best!


    Yes, I received it. Thank you! I really appreciate it.

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