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  • I have been debating whether I should place my blog here for criticism. After several rounds of “yes I will”, “no I won’t” here it is. One of my children actually made the blog design for me. I don’t have those skills.

    I started blogging to talk about my family. Nothing interesting there. At least nothing I wanted to make public. So I starting writing a ficticious blog. I am actually enjoying myself.

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  • It’s one of the most unique layouts I’ve seen. The horizontal scrollbar doesn’t seem to be necessary, but I love the tone of the blog. Your child did an excellent design job! As you have noted, it doesn’t work in IE, but if you are on FF and you are enjoying it, you can fix the CSS for IE at your leisure.

    It’s an interesting premise, and I think the look would be fun too – but it’s taken over 5 minutes now to only partially load on dialup…. whether this is simply a slow day on your server, I don’t know, but that’s a LOT of graphics to load for every page.

    I like it! – it’s a very nice design, if a little image intensive/ slow for dial-uppers.

    Shame the scroll bars spoil the effect – always difficult with picture based designs. It seems the sideways scroller is an error in the html however – the footer looks centred across it so i’m guessing theres an absolute width set somewhere that this is aligning to.

    It is not a good blog for dial up internet users. Sorry about that. I forget sometimes that people are still using dial up. I think I would cry if I had to use dial up.


    It is slow on my fast cable connection, too!
    Oh, and while it really looks nice and unique, I have to agree what was said about too much graphics and scrollbar.

    I do cry, Madie – but dialup is all I’m ever likely to have…. we’re 40 miles from the nearest DSL hub, on 30 year old phone lines that Qwest has no intention of upgrading (since there’s only about 40 phones in this “market”). *shrug* You get used to it.

    what moshu said really, you could try to optimize the images or to use a smaller image and use repeat. Would it work? Not sure, but I couldn’t about 20 or so images.

    Still, I like the look of your site, it’s not like anything that’s available as a theme, and although the horizontal scroll seems uneccesary, overall I think you’ve done a really unique, and excellent job of personalising your blog.

    Just one note with regards to those headshot images in, FireFox they don’t seem wrap correctly meaning it looks as though it’s been forced into the text so some text is on the side part way down an image.

    Great jobs on a personal design, and perhaps we’ll see more like this in the future.

    I love this site. Everyone here is so helpful. The scroll bar at the bottom. Don’t know if I can get rid of that. My son still has about 5 weeks to go before he is aloud back on the computer and my daughter is busy with college. I had to squish 1.5 into the theme by changing the row widths. I honestly did not know it took so long to load until people here told me. Don’t know how to fix that.


    I guess I should mention. I have this blog in two places. <—IE friendly(Faster Loadtime)


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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