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  • Tony Zeoli


    There are many reasons why All in One SEO Pack is both one of the best plugins overall and the top SEO plugin. I’ll list them here.

    First, the developers of this plugin work full time on this application to benefit us all. If you follow their Github threads, which I do every day, you will see they are extremely active in building new features, solving bug reports, and enhancing the plugin to meet the requirements of any professional SEO or digital marketer. They are constantly and consistently committed to developing the best SEO plugin for WordPress one can imagine. But in that, there will always be issues because software development is not easy. However, the AIOSEO team manage to get it right and deliver software that works. And, if it doesn’t, they are patching and releasing immediately to resolve any major issues that arise.

    Second, the plugins UI is expertly laid out, so that the professional SEO has all the tools where he/she needs them. It is a highly intuitive plugin, so once you crack it open and experience the visual view – while you might not need all the options, the options are clearly listed and available, each with a tool tip leading to instruction on the plugins primary website. If you don’t know what something does, there’s a more often than not chance the tool tip will have the information to explain the feature.

    Third, when you need support for this plugin, whether freemium here in the forums or paid Pro version, you will get an answer within 24-hours. I have asked questions in both and the team from AIOSEO have always consistently answered my questions and resolved any issues I’ve had. I’ve watched now for many years while the team answers questions in their Github (which is not for support, but bugs and fixes), here on, and in their Pro forums. If you don’t get an answer to your question in less than 24-hours, I’d be extremely surprised.

    Fourth, this plugin has helped me to achieve page 1 local SERP results for 6 different websites in my local market. And, it’s Social Meta panel provides my clients with an easy way to manage social metadata and images. It’s been invaluable to me and my clients and I can’t say enough about how it’s helped my clients achieve the results they are looking for.

    Fifth, the plugin is always under active development adding new features and functionality. With that, the documentation is always updated and it’s rare to find a tooltip in the plugin that doesn’t lead to useful information on how to use the feature. The Semper Plugins document space for AIOSEO is a complete guide to everything you need to know.

    I will say that quite some time ago, they weren’t as active blogging or in social media, but today that has changed quite a bit, so you hear the voice of the company telling its users what is going on with the plugin and advancements in SEO.

    That being said, the plugin is actively bein internationalized, as well, and is available in multiple languages.

    Lastly, and this is just an aside, these guys run WordCamp Raleigh and are participants in the WordPress ecosystem. Through their commitment to the WordPress community, they have introduced and supported thousands of new WordPress users as long as I’ve personally known them – and that’s now going on 10-years.

    I cannot say enough about AIOSEO. It is one of the best plugins ever created for WordPress.

    (Disclaimer: I did once work for AIOSEO on a contract basis for six months to help with a holiday digital marketing campaign in 2015/16. But most of my experience has been a customer and a friend of the company for over 10-years.)

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