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  • I can’t seem to enable the security check for my website.
    I open the security check and press the “Secure Site” button but nothing happens. –> Image Link
    The same thing happens with the Scanning for malware on the bottom right side.
    i restore my website to an older back-up but i don’t think it should cause any issue

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  • The latest iTSec plugin release no longer includes a “Malware Scan” side widget. It has changed to a “Site Scan” side widget.

    So if you still see a side widget with a title of “Malware Scan” you’ll probably need to update the iTSec plugin (7.8.0).

    To prevent any confusion, I’m not iThemes.

    yeah that’s what i meant, i just saw a year old video so i got a little confused.

    Ah ok. Probably best to check for any javascript errors in the browser webconsole.

    The action behind the Secure Site button is a javascript click event. It could be the click event is not attached tot the Secure Site button, or the click event is attached and fired (upon clicking) but generating an error…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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