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    WordPress has a search engine that if you enter an error in the word you are looking for, it will not associate the article. It will show no results even if there are many results.

    He also does not associate the content if it does not contain the word that is being asked, even though it concerns the same topic.

    The worst thing is that the typo already excludes the possibility of finding the article on the website. And many people make typos.

    Maybe WordPress will make a search engine that works in a more flexible way and not just accurate – which makes it problematic.

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    Have you tried any search plugins?

    When WP does not provide something by default (yet) – its there likely a plugin for that (or even many plugins).

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    I write development suggestions in the section and I don’t bother with plugins. So we would have to make plugins for everything and in the end they would kill the website.

    My suggestion seems very logical – because the WordPress search engine has a very big error in that it only accurately retrieves the results. Because of this, many people don’t find anything.

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    every feature has to be tested as a plugin, before it goes into Core
    concept – “Decisions not options”
    when there are options and multiple possibilities, there are plugins for it.

    Consider trying some plugins.

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