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[Resolved] The Search box

  • I am using your Theme for a new site and I’m a new user of WordPress (At 69 the brain cells don’t work like they used to 🙂 ) I’ve added the Search box widget but the actual input box for the Search is black. Is there any way I can change that to white which is what I think most users would be used to seeing?
    Many thanks
    PS Many thanks again for your help on adding Posts menu to my pages!

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  • Hi Tony…Just to confirm, you are wanting the search field to be white?

    Yes that’s it.
    However I’ve just realised that the Search box is a WordPress widget and therefore I assume it’s background colour is part of its style file and not governed by the theme style. Am I right?

    It’s both (sort of)…the styling for the search is found in the theme’s style.css around line 1371 and starts with this:

    /* Search Widget */

    Yes I found that. I know nothing about css files (I’ve only used html files) but I can see where the colour is, I think it’s this line #lum-searchsubmit {
    background-color: #23292a;
    I’m nervous about changing the css file but if I change the child css file as described on your website oage for this style would that suffice? I assume I would change it to #FFFFFF?
    Thanks for your help.

    Hi wp lover
    This is simple but i think there should be another way to change if have search.php file and your child theme style file have no css code you can import from parent theme by changing style file.

    Hi Tony…correct on the colour. Also correct on the child theme method for modifications. It’s recommended for any core theme changes that these are done from a child theme (which this theme has one that you can install…found in the “child-theme” folder of the theme files). The other method if just making css changes is to use a CSS edit plugin. If you use JetPack, this already has one in it to Edit CSS.

    As a side note, any changes you make, if you are nervous, would be to make a copy of your theme files so that if anything went wrong, you can easily upload the backed up ones.

    @sumoncep…the child theme style.css is empty to begin with because it imports all the parent theme’s styles automatically when viewing the site’s front-end. For any changes to css, these custom changes are added to the child theme’s style.css by the user.

    yes you are right


    I’m trying to change the color of the search box as well. I copied the code into the child theme, made the changes to the CSS, but it isn’t changing. :-\ What am I missing?

    Here’s the site: http://www.pixelsinthewild.com/

    nvm… I figured it out. I had a bracket missing on the code right before the Search code, so it wasn’t seeing it.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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