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  • What is the best way to determine which plugin you need and which one you should install?

    I have wasted countless hours dealing with dozens of plugins that do pretty much the same thing, but in vastly different ways, most of which are long on sales pitch and pretty short in delivery.

    I am used to writing all my HTML, CSS, and JS by hand and WP has me so confused and frustrated, i feel like my skills are useless now. I am so unproductive because i’m spending so much time reading poorly written documentation for something i end up not using, more often than not.

    How do you all navigate the sea of half baked themes and plugins that make sense to everyone else but me? Just do a search for a modal plugin. Now, which one should i use? It took me 3 hours to find one that that i could work with. Normally, id code it and have it stylized in a matter of 20 minutes.

    Do you see my frustration?

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