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  1. senorfrog
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I hope I'm in the correct place to raise this issue.

    I'm running version 3.4.1 and I thought I was being smart last weekend and 'cleaned up' the names of my posts and other pages. Now, as a result when over 70% of the Google Search response bring up a "Not Found" error message. I have obviously screwed up badly and need to get this fixed. For example: I changed a Post title that read: Church of San Cristobal, New Town to St Cristobal Church, New Town. Is there anything to do except wait until Google Crawlers eventually catch up with the changes I made. I'm getting desperate because our traffic was building every day and this is a disaster to my way of thinking. Is there anything to do?...
    Please help I'm getting desparate...

  2. Keith Burgie
    Posted 3 years ago #

    When you changed your titles it changed your permalinks.

    So, when you find a search result that brings you to a 404 page, copy and paste the URL that it's taking you to and then go into your admin and correct the post's permalink to match it.

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