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  • HELP!!

    I followed the instructions on how to change my URL so that it does not use the /Wordpress at the end. It didn’t work so I changed everything back but now I cannot do anything in WP without this message coming up – I can’t even save my general settings so that the WP Address and Site Address both have /Wordpress. When I click on save settings I get the The “requested URL /index.php was not found on this server.” message. I’m REALLY worried I’ve list everything (I do have a copy of WP files on my desktop). I am in FileZilla and everything was put back as it originally was – the index.php file is where it was.

    PLEASE HELP as I cannot now do anything to my site – I cannot get off the general settings page even.


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  • Have you tried defining your site’s URL’s in the wp-config file? Follow this:

    If you wanna remove /wordpress, you need to move wordpress out of the /wordpress directory (copy everything to home) and then change the permalinks in options.
    Or else export everything, make a new install of wordpress in the home directory and import everything back in here.


    I edited the wp-config file as it said in the instructions. I am now able to get into WP admin, I can open the actual site to the home page, but if I click on any other pages I get the same message I was getting in the first place – that index.php cannot be found. I have to leave work now so I’ll have to carry on at home. My original set-up when everything worked was that in FileZilla it showed my public_html folder – within that was the /wordpress folder with all the files in. As far as I was concerned everything was put back to how it originally was so I really don’t understand what’s gone wrong. Do you know why my pages are now not working? Thanks again

    Have you re-saved your permalink structure?

    Just like always, esmi rocks 😀

    Just re-save your permalink structure. Wp-Admin> Settings> Permalinks

    If that doesn’t work, your install might have gone wrong. Lets talk about that later, only if re-saving permalinks won’t work.

    Hmm. I’ve got a variety of this problem.

    I’ve downloaded my site to my local machine in order to do some work on it offline (trying out a new ‘phone-friendly theme and some other changes). It all works fine if I change the permalinks to their default setting, but no joy at all if I change to any of the other permalink settings.

    Any ideas how I can get the other permalink setting to work?


    Doh! Forget it, and my apologies.

    Permissions!!!! You’d think I’d know by now.



    Great fix Esmi.

    My issue was very weird. Home page worked, /wp-admin/ and everything in it worked, but all other front end pages were failing. It happened on a development version (using MAMP) and occurred after I took the dev version live by copying over files, etc.

    It was a redesign for an existing site, so I didn’t need to export content or assets; just copy over the new theme I’d developed. When I went back to the development version to start working on the next phase, the problem started.

    Fixed now though; once again the WordPress community saves the day.

    Using MAMP – ran into similar problem as OP but the issue was with creating new pages.

    Esmi’s fix worked for me as well.

    Had the same problem on a local machine using MAMP. Setting permalinks to Default and back again in wp-admin page did the trick.

    Thanks to Esmi!

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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