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  • It seems like all of the talk about cruft-free URIs is because people want similar, more comprehendable URIs that don’t confuse people. I wonder why this is…
    The reason that I like them is not because they are more “readable,” but rather because they are future-proof. Recently, I moved my Blog to a new host and after importing all of the entries, found that they were imported with different UIDs in the database… This is because my database contained multiple Blogs and every entry for each Blog was added incrementally according to the date/time of addition, etc., etc.
    Couldn’t there be some sort of change made to the DB structure so that an Individual Entries were stored within their own Blog’s DB Table? (I.e., all entries for Blog #1 would be entered incrementally into a table called “Blog00001,” Blog #2 into “Blog00002,” etc.) This way, no matter where you ported your Blog to, the permalink IDs would always be the same — without needing any sort of cruft-free permalink structure.

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  • P.S. I meant the Subject of this post to say “possible fix?”.

    It seems like all of the talk about cruft-free URIs is because people want similar, more comprehendable URIs that don’t confuse people. I wonder why this is…

    Because they look nicer. Personaly, I really dislike the look of ….index.php?post=123456 ….to me it’s just plain tacky. Also, if I wanted to link to another post, usually I’, going to know the date and the title of the post I want to link to. So I can easily punch it in and I don’t need to go look up the post ID. I’ve also had issues when givving someone else a link to the post….
    But that’s just me…. your results may vary.

    Yeah, I’m sorry, I know why cruft-free URIs are important (I like using them myself), I was just wondering why ALL of the talk is about comprehension and not much is about future-proofing.

    I guess I’m getting confused a little… I couldn’t care less about “usable” URIs — most people come to a site (or page) by clicking on a link (either from a search engine or an RSS Aggregator or e-mail or whatever). Usually, the only thing that matters is the domain URL — I’m more likely going to tell someone to visit than “you should check out this essay I wrote at“ — or for that matter).
    What I want to know is that when I move my Blog (if I have to) importing the entries into a databse will not change UID=4 to UID=8 depending on which order I import my Blogs…
    Maybe I am wrong with this, though, being that I have only done it with MT — importing an MT Blog will import all of its UIDs in sequencial order, even if they were “written” in staggered order.
    Can anyone clarify this?

    P.S. As I said, this could be fixed by giving every Blog its own table in the DB… But maybe that’s too difficult at this point?
    – T.

    I personally NEVER rely on post ID’s… as I have switched between blogging systems and hosts and all kinds of stuff MANY times… so when I export my entries, and re-import them, IDs are always changing. I RARELY go back to change the title of an entry (or if I do, it is relatively soon after making the post, not months later) so in my case, using the default cruft-free URLs format that WP suggests is actually a pretty solid future-proofing technique as well.

    I totally agree with this, but what do people do if they don’t have mod_rewrite installed on their server? Could this sort of cruft-free URI structure be worked into the core of WP?

    Ok, maybe I have been babbling about nothing because I wasn’t thinking straight… WP DOES create a different table-set for each Blog, right? Assuming that WP is installed in each Blogs directory, upon install you have to enter a new name for the DB structure. Maybe this takes care of all of the future-proofing anyway!
    Any thoughts on this?

    Without mod_rewrite, you would pretty much have to go to a static file system… I can’t understand a reason why a webhosting provider wouldn’t install that…

    It’s in the works — they’re installing a bunch of new PERL stuff when they upgrade. I don’t know why they didn’t in the first place!
    – T.

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