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  • Hi, I think I have found the right procedure for the upgrade (at least for me). I tried the procedure on the wiki, but something went wrong, so I tried some more things and that is what I found:
    1. backup your database
    2. reset your database (drop all tables)
    3. edit wp-config as needed (changing the table prefix to ”)
    4. run install.php
    5. restore your database backup on top of the existing database.
    6. Now, look with something like phphmyadmin at your tables, or go at your old config file, mine had this:
    # database tables’ names (change them if you want to have multiple b2’s in a single database)
    $tableposts = ‘b2posts’;
    $tableusers = ‘b2users’;
    $tablesettings = ‘b2settings’;
    $tablecategories = ‘b2categories’;
    $tablecomments = ‘b2comments’;
    You can see the b2 prefix, this is for the tables listed, but the other tables simply had no b2 prefix. So first delete the tables posts, users, settings, categories and comments, then rename the b2* ones to the simply names posts, users etc. To do that I used phpmyadmin.
    7. run import-b2.php
    I think this should be useful….

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  • Does this method keep the extra fields in the WP database files?

    the real procedure to upgrade from b2 to wp is:
    1.backup your database
    2.delete all files from the directory (backup configs and images before that)
    3.upload wp files
    4.make config, or copy sample config and edit it must use the same prefix as your old b2’s, if you want to upgrade and use old db entries
    4.2.use from the b2 config, db settings in your wp-config.php
    5.exec wp-admin/import-b2.php
    6.login as admin and setup your options (first of all base settings)
    and that’s it, all your b2 entries will appear in your newly installed/upgraded wp

    Sorry, but when I follow these instructions, after running import-b2.php I get the message
    It doesn’t look like you’ve installed WP yet. Try running install.php.
    I’ll keep working on it

    Tancred, perhaps: are not using the latest b2? You can upgrade to it first from the b2’s website, and after that upgrading to latest stable wordpress are doing wrong the wordpress’ wp-config.php , you have to write there the SAME prefix for the sql tables, as they were in your b2, so the system can upgrade herself.
    3.if you are using shell access (telnet,ssh) you forgot to change permissions of the newly uploaded/untared wp archive? If you are doing it as root, and they have to be nobody.nogroup, of course you will see blank page or system notice.
    but It seems to me that you are mistaken the config file, if you want write me an e-mail with the server path, which are your b2 tables, and send me the wp-config.php (without sql data, I do not want to know your passwords), and I will try to figure it out.

    also, when I upgraded my b2, there were warnings about my b2options table, ignore them, it upgrades without any problem, I read somwhere that this has to be some kind of temp table, which helps the upgrade (or something), so if not see that everything is okey (but cancel the upgrade after the first warning), yes, you haven’t installed wp yet 🙂

    Hi George
    Thanks for the advice. I was running to latest version of B2 but it still failed. I downloaded WP from CVS, used a few hacks from various posts on the site and my blog is now moved.
    However I cannot login. If I create a new user they also cannot login and everytime I have my password emailed to me it changes. I have tried putting a blank password in to the mysql users field with no luck. Any ideas how I can solve this problem?

    Thanks for the help, it’s all working now

    Thank you Got it today. Your post of the correct method was very helpful.
    From the installation readme, it is kind of vague. I thought i had the option of upgrade or import.
    And that of course after i had configed and installed as in part I.
    You see from the readme i kinda thought it was the database that needed to be replaced(edited) and it turned out to be just the opposite.

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