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    Working everyday to bring you the latest on everything. We are trying to sway away from normal websites and be something unique of our own. You can find anything from news to downloads, funny videos to music videos, pictures to game reviews.

    If you have any idea’s def shoot them my way I am always looking for new ways to make it better.

    We urge everyone to speak their minds, hence the name hehe.
    Also if any writers / editors / web designers & programmers are interested in joining the staff, we are recruiting.

    We are bringing in some revenue now which is good for being a month old site, well barely a month old but I plan to split any earnings evenly through out the staff members. Also we are looking to link up with other sites and/or affiliate. Or maybe start a network?

    Also be sure to join our forum and get active, we get a lot of hits but not really anyone signing up in the forums.

    Just leave some positive feedback please, I did not post to be bashed. If you think you are superior in any way, quit reading this and go about your business.

    Thank you!

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