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  • They never know when to stop.

    (This is a criticism post/rant).

    Plugins are amazing and i’m grateful for each of them. But i just don’t understand that need to keep adding unnecessary features updating all the time making them bigger and bigger.

    How many times do you end up clicking the developers tab and downloading a previous version because the plugin changed so much it’s just worthless?

    And again…they never know when to stop.

    The plugin does what it was designed for? Does it do it right? Does it do it efficiently? Yes? Ok then stop. No need to keep adding extra stuff nobody asked for OR rewriting the whole thing just to push “updates” that never solve any problem but add lots of new ones.

    Other than updating to maintaining compatibility to the latest WordPress, or fix a bug most updates i see on plugins are worthless.

    And when it’s only one man who created the plugin and it grows on users, what does he do? Call MORE coders! to help him push even more useless updates and render the plugin 100% useless, launch a premium version for $49,99 or whatever magic number the new sales department came up with after a hangover.
    Answer none of the support posts to finally open a support forum/github that never solves anything but helps them create LOTS of new broken features that have absolutely nothing to do with the original concept was.

    PS: I hope you enjoyed reading my rant if you didn’t just go back to update your plugins, it’s been 5 minutes without an update, better hurry!

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    If you have a problem with a particular plugin developer, please share it with them directly, rather than casting a wide net and accusing the developers of all 42,697 plugins in the free directory alone:

    I understand you’re frustrated, but as nothing good ever comes from these rants, and as these are support forums not rant forums, I’ll close this and ask you to please consider using your blog for such things in the future or contact the specific developer directly.

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