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  • I have a problem with my wordpress I inserted a code optimization ByetHost but after I pasted in the bottom of wp-config.php file and I uploaded on a server puts me back to set up wordpress not understand why I have an idea? How do I work to the new WordPress site. Since only my wordpress site works at all.
    I realize that this has some bugs so I inserted WordPress 2.9.1 and WordPress 2.9 but the old site to work properly.
    How do I fix what I destroyed to be functional again my site?

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  • If WordPress is trying to do a new install that probably means you have the wrong $table_prefix value in your wp-config.php.

    Use phpMyAdmin and look at your WordPress tables. Look for the table that is named like posts. If that table is called wp_posts then $table_prefix='wp_'; is what you should have in wp-config.php.

    If the table is called xyz123_posts then $table_prefix='xyz123_'; is what you should have in wp-config.php.

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