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  • This seller is not honest man. I bought the pro version because i thought the email or facebook lock were a good option, i bougth a package. But do not work, the support does not exist!, eventually reply questions but always say the same, if you have an issue is because other plugin…this plugin also consume many resources and the author say it is not a problem…the worst is that he wont refund anything!, i had to uninstall the code because is full of bugs that maybe never fix…while a lost my money. Facebook lock: does not remember that you likes, so you have unlike and like the buton if you want to download other file. The e-mail option lock, send the e-mail but the link does not work, always redirect to frontpage, If you have links from Amazon s3 forget them!, because the plugin sent the file to local server! before to download, if you add a remote link (like amazon s3) and adding to protect the link option, when you click a link to download you should to sit because after some seconds maybe you can reach the file, so where is an advantage of Amazon s3 link here? , the Amazon s3 addon: You can upload files to amazon s3 by this plugin but you can not protect the links! Many people ask for fixes and never fixes anything in the forum. There are many issues and the version is the same.

    Finally i had to install OTHER plugin and free one!!

    I am very sad because i am an honest people, that i want to avoid other people pay for any that do not include support, fixes, new versions, (you are paying for spending a lot of time!)

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