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  • Plugin Author Zedity


    Dear Jasmine Atkins,

    Your review speaks for it self. And it could be nice if we could post the whole email thread with our support team.

    1) What is the “slight limitation” of the Premium version that the Free version doesn’t have? If any user can find it please let us know because, as far as we know, and we should know enough, the Premium version works just like the Free version, with additional features that the Free version doesn’t have (obviously).

    2) Why the customer service is not that great? All you were able to say when we asked you what the problem is about was: “I cannot create text content within an image box.. I don’t like this plugin”. After telling you that an image box is supposed to be used for images, while you should use the text box to enter text, you started to say that it works on the Free version. How could that be possible? We asked you to provide more details on what you mean, but you refuse to collaborate, complaining about the learning curve and other personal, not objective and not useful, considerations.

    3) If you think that Zedity prevents you from learning the basic functionality of WordPress, you can surely avoid using it all: that’s what the Free version is for. You download it for free, you try it and decide whether to keep on using it or not. You don’t need to buy the Premium version to figure that out, do you???

    We avoid other details and, all in all, we’re not surprised to read your (announced) review due to our decision of enforcing the terms and conditions ( and not granting a refund. That decision has been made to respect our values and to be fair with all our customers, even if the price to pay is receiving such an unfair review (and, based on your “warnings/threats”, maybe others will follow).

    It’s pretty sad to see these things but anyone is free to create an account and say whatever they want, so, that’s it.

    Thank you anyway.

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    @money310, As all of the reviews on reflect the free plugins, the plugins that are distributed on, can you please change your review to reflect the free plugin? It’s misguiding and unfair to leave a review on a plugin that is not reflective of that plugin.

    OK, understood. I will focus on the Zedity free plugin.

    I do not really like the Zedity free plugin as it’s easier than their premium version to use but I realized that WP is not that hard to use itself. I actually realized that this plugin keeps you from learning how to simply write an article in WP itself, which is easier to do than depend and spend time on the Zedity plugin plugin.

    I was more of a newbie, so I downloaded a lot of plugins claiming to help me as a writer, but this particular plug in just didn’t do it for me. I found it easier to deactivate the plugin and just write in WP editor which is easier and less-hassle to do without the Zedity plugin. Now, if a plugin does not bring something of value to my website or if the plugin is not really needed, I let it go because it’s just weighing down my website.

    And, this review isn’t based on me receiving a refund, because I did receive a refund. But my opinion still hasn’t changed.

    Plugin Author Zedity


    Avoiding any further comment, we have to add one thing just for the sake of truth:

    – only as of today, August 29, 2014, and not at the time of your review above, you received a refund (bank reversal). It surely takes a lot of courage to state that the transaction was not authorised when there are clear evidences that you intentionally made the purchase.

    Hopefully you ‘re aware that this may also have legal implications.

    Good luck and best regards.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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