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  • Hello team,

    I am having an issue related to elementor plugin. Actually, I was about to edit the page using elementor plugin which is the latest version. But I could not get the page loading however got the warning message in the right bottom corner of the window. I have enabled safe made and try to debug but could not get the information’s regarding the issue. I tried to figure out which plugin was causing the issue, I deactivated every plugin and activated it one by one monitoring the site. I got to know that The plus addons for elementor were causing the issue. I deactivated the plugin and was able to edit the page. But the site contains some features which were edited using the plus addons for elementor. When I reactivate the plugin again the elementor stops working and keeps loading only. I tried to replace the plugin, update the plugin as well but got no luck. I tried to increase the memory limit and resource as well but got no luck. So seeking your support to sort out my issue.

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  • Plugin Author POSIMYTH


    Hello @aayush2032

    It might be an issue of a low memory limit. Memory limit’s requirement increase based on addons you add to your website.

    On top of that, It might be an issue of any 3rd party plugin conflict, Permalink Reset, Or any other reason. You may disable all other plugins except The Plus Addons and Elementor and enable all of them one by one to identify any 3rd party conflicts.

    If above doesn’t help, We might need to have a look at your site to help you. You can reach at our support, Our support agent will look into that and help you further on that.

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    Thank you for your response.

    Please find my activities to troubleshoot the issue.

    1. Increased Memory limit to 512MB
    2. Deactivated plugins one by but elementor works only after deactivating the plus add ons.
    3. Took back up and updated the plugins to the latest version
    4. disabled some widgets from the plus add ons and tried again

    But none of these worked. If I missed anything from troubleshooting please suggest me.

    Plugin Author POSIMYTH


    Hello @aayush2032

    1. Can you increase memory limit to 768M? This might not be required if you have just Elementor + The Plus Addons. But, Still If you can increase would be better to find if that is memory limit issue. Because some shared hosting/servers have performance issues even with higher number of memory limit. We have seen some servers let work Elementor + EPro + TPA Pro + 2-3 Other Elementor Addons with 256M/512M as well. And some not working with 1024M as well.

    2. Can you disable all plugins except Elementor + TPA and Then disable all widgets from TPA? and enable them one by one?

    3. A bit technical solution, Check error in console by inspect element.

    All above solutions are just assumptions and worked for some and not worked for some.

    If above don’t give any insights or get us closer to solution. You will need to submit ticket on our helpdesk with access of your site. Our team will get in to that and take a look at issue.

    Thread Starter aayush2032


    Hi team,

    On checking, I found that “The Plus Addons for Elementor Page Builder incompatible” under elementor system info. I think the plus addons for elementor page builder does not support elementor plugin .

    The followings are the details I am having

    Elementor : 3.2.1

    The Plus Addons for elementor page builder: 2.0.8

    Themes used: saasland

    Is there anything you can suggest me?


    Plugin Contributor Ankit Patel


    Hi @aayush2032

    Thanks for writing back and we understand your frustration. Did you tried changing the permalinks from your admin panel Settings >> Permalinks section and changed it back to original and saved it again.

    Furthermore, I would appreciate it if you can increase the memory to 1024M or 2048M depending upon the data and plugins that you have on your site.


    Plugin Author POSIMYTH


    @aayush2032 Does your problem got resolved? Let us know, What’s status so, We can help you further on this.

    Thread Starter aayush2032


    Hi team,

    It did not work. I tried the following things.

    1. Increased the memory limit to 2048MB but no luck
    2. Updated all the plugins to the latest but did not work
    3. Disabled all the plugins and only enable plus add ons for elementor and elementor but it did not work
    4. Disabled plus add ons for elementor page builder only this works to edit the page
    5. Disabled plus adds ons for elementor and it works but enabling it again stops elementor plugin from working.

    Finally, I gave up on this

    Samuel Chuck


    I currently face this issue with The Plus Addon for Elementor, I did a bit of digging and I found out the issue is related to The Plus Addon cached file stored on uploads directory. I came to this conclusion after a series of test:

    1. I turned on my inspect tool and navigated to console and I found the following error: `Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: Swiper is not defined
    at b (theplus.min.js:60)
    at _runHook (frontend.js:4481)
    at Object.doAction (frontend.js:4519)
    at module.exports.runReadyTrigger (frontend.js:1621)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (frontend-modules.js:4014)
    at Function.each (jquery.js:381)
    at jQuery.fn.init.each (jquery.js:203)
    at _default.runElementsHandlers (frontend-modules.js:4013)
    at _default.onInit (frontend-modules.js:4031)
    at _default.Module.trigger (frontend-modules.js:5030)`. and the source of this error is theplus.min.js found in SiteURL/wp-content/uploads/theplus-addons/ on line 60 (for me) the line your error appear will greatly depend on the amount of The Plus Widgets you have enable.

    2. I navigated to SiteURL/wp-content/uploads/theplus-addons/ in Cpanel and I changed the permission of the folder “theplus-addons” from 755 to 000 and elementor loaded without issues but on the frontend of my site my CSS and JS files didn’t load and my site looks a bit messy but I understood that It cause the assets files saved in SiteURL/wp-content/uploads/theplus-addons/ folder where not being loaded. Note elementor loaded without issues after I changed the folder permission form 755 to 000.
    Because my assets files didn’t load at all this was not a valid solution for me so I went on to do more testing.

    3. After identifying the issue file using my developer tool on my browser I then navigate back to SiteURL/wp-content/uploads/theplus-addons/ folder and looked for the correct script (theplus.min.js) and changed the permission from 644 to 000 but before I could do this I had to change theplus-addons folders permission back to 755 (as I previously changed it to 000 which caused the issue of The Plus asset not loaded) this caused the issue to stop and I was able to use my site properly but the problem is every time I Purge All Pages (clear The Plus cache) I am right back where I started. as currently the time of writing this; the issue which caused element not to load also affects Jet Product Gallery Slider widget, it completely disables the slider in Jet Product Gallery Slider widget and this is a big problem for me.

    I like The Plus Addon for elementor and it’s currently the best Addon for elementor. and I also notice that this issue doesn’t affect every site as I have the plus Pro installed and activated on 7 other sites and they all work just fine…

    I started having this issue after imported a custom-built Elementor page builder template (using The plus Addon) from one of my sites.

    I will love it if this problem is fixed in the next update and this should take priority above all other issues as it affects the integrity of the plugin as an Elementor Page builder addon because it currently hinders elementor loading


    Did you finally solve it? If so, how did you do it? I am having exact same issue and plus addons developer kept asking me to check the versions! They kept saying it all works from their side but clearly the issue is still there. I almost give up.

    Yes, I finally solve it a few Hours after I made that post.
    I did this by disabling all The Plus Widget that uses Slider. or disabling the slider option in the widget…
    (I don’t believe the bug is with the Plus widgets but with the Caching system the Plus addon for Elementor implements)

    To disable widget that uses slider go to Plus Widgets and turn of widgets that use Slider

    List of some Plus Widget with slider Option:
    Dynamic Listing
    TP Navigation Menu (pro)
    Mobile Menu
    Carousel Anything

    One you turn off the Widgets with slider you will need to purge the Plus Cache then your site should work perfectly…

    If you follow the steps and you still have the issue (or deactivating the affected Plus Widget is not an option for you) let me know so we will find a way to solve it.

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    hi, I tried what you said.
    It didn’t work:(

    Am sorry to hear that.
    Can you send link to your website so I look at your source code to see if you have the slider script loaded… you can send to my Gmail ( if you don’t want it posted in public.
    Turned on inspect tool on your browser ( you can do this by pressing F12 key on your keyboard or ctrl + shift + c) and navigated to console tab.
    Send the following error you find here…

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    Deactivate every Plus Widgets and activate only the Plus Widgets you need

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