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  • Hello,

    After recently update when I tried accessing wp-admin of my sites, I was forwarded to wp-admin/admin.php?page=backwpupabout.
    This is really not cool to auto redirect, as if after every update the user sees the general plugin info page of your plugin before accessing any settings.

    I understand you need to make money for the hours put in the plugin, but this is too much.

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  • And now am facing a redirect loop issue on one of my sites.
    This webpage has a redirect loop
    The webpage at ***wp-admin/admin.php?page=backwpupabout has resulted in too many redirects. Clearing your cookies for this site or allowing third-party cookies may fix the problem. If not, it is possibly a server configuration issue and not a problem with your computer.

    I have to agree I find this really annoying as well.

    Plugin Author Robert Windisch



    did you try this with the current version 3.0.11 of the plugin? We had some changes with the about page that you no longer need to visit this page.


    I have the same problem on multiple sites. They’re trying to redirect to ***wp-admin/admin.php?page=backwpupabout and failing. Firefox and Chrome both show redirect loop warnings, even after clearing cookies. Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS): There were too many redirects.

    I agree that the last several versions of this plugin have had very disruptive problems. I’ll probably need to switch to BackupBuddy rather than continue sinking hours into BackWPup.

    the ‘too many redirects’ error happens to some of my sites too. I needed to remove the plugin via FTP to solve!

    Confirmed, same problem here.

    Plugin Author Robert Windisch



    can you please apply the changes from my reply? That could solve your problem.


    i can only confirm…each update gives more troubles…
    I will stop to use it since it supposed to give me piece of mind and istead is giving headaches…shame.

    The latest version breaks my site.

    I am also getting a wp-admin/admin.php?page=backwpupabout redirect.

    I checked the code and the ‘fix’ mentioned in is implemented.

    In my case, I just updated the plugin, and it has removed my ability to access the settings. I went to the about page, and clicked on the “Set Up A Backup Job” button and it told me I didn’t have sufficient access… Im the admin.

    Will have to remove the plugin and re-install AGAIN.

    deactivated and deleted the plugin… Then re-installed. Still don’t have sufficient permissions or whatever… looking for a new backup plugin.

    I have the same problems on a multi-site.

    It started with an upgrade that resulted in too many redirects message on the main site and no access to super admin on sub sites.

    I have installed the latest version, I can only get access to the main site when I comment out lines 244 & 245 of code mentioned earlier.

    Even though I can then access the site, I have no super admin access to check/update plugins or anything else that involves super admin.

    If I disable the backwpup plugin by changing the folder name, I still have the same issue with no access to super admin.

    Can someone please reply to this with a fix or some advice as I need to restore my site.

    I also have this problem on multiple sites, with v3.0.12

    It’s been a problem for a while. Not only does it cause a redirect loop making logging in difficult, it also stops the scheduled backups from taking place until you’ve been to the “About” page.

    It’s a huge pain. Before this plugin underwent a major UI overhaul it was fantastic. Since that overhaul though it’s been riddled with issues.

    I have this problem with v3.0.12 (free) as well.

    It started with a previous version last week breaking the front end and back end of my site. NOT COOL.

    Removing the folder backwpup from the plugins directory using the cPanel file manager fixes it immediately.

    After the first occurence, I updated to 3.0.12 and changed WP-CRON to manual thinking that would solve it.

    Now several days later it’s happened again. Broke my site altogether.

    I’m done.

    Backup Buddy, here I come. They are having a 30 percent off sale until June 28.

    I simply cannot afford sites to go down completely. And I have a lot of client sites.

    Sorry, BackWPup, but it’s time to try something else.

    Using latest version of WordPress (3.5.2) and BackWPup (3.0.12) and that seems to have fixed the redirect issue for me. My friend’s WP admin is a moron and seems to think there is a hacker lol. smdh.

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