• Following the suggestion of the plugin author ([ link removed, do not put links in reviews ]), I’m sharing the feedback of this plugin. The feedback is that this plugin plugs ads in the plugin settings page in a very obtrusive way. It would be acceptable if the plugin had a small sidebar on the settings page where a user could still see their donation request and request for the review, but the first fold of the plugin settings page is all about donation request and asking the user to submit the review.

    Hopefully they’ll notice this feedback and make changes in the next release.

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  • Plugin Author Alan Fuller


    Thank you for your feedback.

    There are no Ads in an obtrusive way, just a paragraph on the settings page advising of another free plugin.

    This plugin is a free plugin and remains so whilst people provide donations.

    People rarely provide donations unless they are prompted so without an effective reminder the plugin would either become unsupported and die or converted to a free / premium version.

    WordPress has an established notification system – admin notices – and there are guidelines on how these are used https://developer.wordpress.org/plugins/wordpress-org/detailed-plugin-guidelines/

    The notices are permanently dismissible with one click and only appear on Dashboard, Plugins page and Settings page.

    There is a WP core project to change the notifications system and plugin developers await eagerly the new solution and I personally will move my plugins over to it as soon as it is available. https://github.com/WordPress/wp-feature-notifications/wiki

    However your hope that this will change in the next release will not happen, as it is dependent on the core project getting to implementation.

    In the meanwhile if you don’t like the inconvenience of clicking ‘dismiss’ you can fix this by going to Dashboard> Plugins> Deactivate and then Delete.

    Once again thank you for your feedback.

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    Plugin Author Alan Fuller


    I just anaylsed the value of (dissmissible) donation admin notice and whilst in % terms for that plugin the increase is infinite compared to donation link of the readme page  ( because that used to be zero ) the absolute number is still a small amount and certainly doesn’t cover the costs of testing for each WP release so that then leaves a problem to solve. How I don’t know, maybe some one will sponsor this plugin or maybe it can be converted to premium features. Let me know your thoughts?

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